Will my Travel Insurance Cover COVID-19 if I Travel Abroad?

Worried your travel insurance is devoid of a COVID-19 cover? We’ve got some news! And well, it depends.

Many people are choosing to travel in the worry that they might suffer losses due to international/domestic travel pre-bookings. But the latter of the consequences are not carefully thought through.

Health over wealth is not a choice. It’s a necessity.

Post the circulation of the travel advisory norms by the government of India, travel, especially to foreign lands, is advised against given the current situation. If a traveller intentionally risks the possibility of being diagnosed with COVID-19, they would be the sole proprietors bearing the loss, and no insurance company will knowingly cover the trip.

I own a travel insurance policy. Will I be covered against COVID-19 in 2021?

If you are worried about covering the cost of hospitalisation and treatment if you are diagnosed with COVID-19, then it’s a relevant worry. However, in case you own trip insurance pre-hand, it’s not a cause of concern. The short answer is yes; you will be covered for the financial liabilities that arise due to a positive diagnosis.

I do not have a pre-existing insurance policy. What should I do?

The short answer is probably no. Post the government travel advisory being put in place; the traveller may be held responsible for going against the norms and taking the trip. But that again is subjective and depends on case to case basis. Trip delays and flight cancellations may usually not be included in the travel cover of Covid-19. However, medical coverage is given in most cases, regardless of it being a domestic or an international trip.

Getting travel insurance during Covid-19 requires you to test negative against the virus and even post that the insurance company may take a sole call to roll out the policy based on who you were or will be exposed to.

Based on your travel location, there may be fluctuations in your premiums, which is based on the situation and severity of the pandemic in the host country.

Will my cost of quarantine stay also be covered with COVID-19 travel insurance?

That depends from company to company. At present, these exist as blurry lines for both the purchaser and the insurance company. It is highly advised that the policyholder carefully checks the quarantine coverage pre-purchase as this would avoid last-minute confusion and distress.

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