Why You Need Travel Insurance Right Now

Everyone reading this article must be familiar with a popular travel jargon; Wanderlust. While you may have heard this term often, you may not be sure about its meaning. Here’s what it means:

A strong desire to travel

But wait! There’s a new travel definition in town. One that we just conceptualised. It’s called “Wanderlist”

Haven’t come across it? Let us elaborate.

Planning vacations and trips can be therapeutic. But with the constantly evolving times that we live in, we are continuously exposed to certain uncertainties and events that we may not have accounted for. This requires an upgraded travellers list. The usual sunglasses, socks and sanitisers are fundamentals on this “Wanderlist”. However, an upgraded one consists of a travel insurance cover. After all, your Wanderlist must be defined as a strong desire to travel safe, sound and equipped.

Contemplating adding a travel insurance plan to your Wanderlist?

Here are five reasons why you must consider doing so right about now. All aboard!

Misplaced Belongings and Documents

If you travel frequently, you know the commonality of misplacing your baggage while boarding multiple flights. The issue here is, not only do you end up losing your personal belongings, but chances are your documents may also be misplaced. And if you happen to misplace your belongings in a non-English speaking country, it may leave you in a state of extreme stress. In such situations, an insurance policy always comes in handy. Access to customer support and a pre-approved sum can be the light at the end of the tunnel. Travel insurance covers are a necessity when it comes to such basic safeguarding requirements.

Medical Safety Net

Health care costs in other countries may not match your home country cost estimate. And your medical health insurance in India is not applicable beyond the borders. It is highly advisable to invest in travel insurance to stay on the safer side. Take into consideration your and the age of your family members. Do you have kids or senior citizens with you? Since they are most prone to ailments, it’s always a good idea to pack in your travel insurance plan to safeguard them and provide care during a medical emergency. A travel insurance plan covers the cost of injury, accidents and hospitalisation of foreign lands, thereby giving you a safety net to fall back to.

Trip Cancellation or Delay

Imagine being stranded in a foreign country with diminishing finances and no relatives/friends to fall back to for support. Sounds scary, right? One can always plan for the events they foresee, but there’s nothing like being too prepared.

Here’s where Travel insurance cover swoops in to save the day. Weather-related delays or delays arising because of strikes or political events are also taken into account while compensating a policyholder. Expenses incurred due to missed flights or other interruptions are also taken care of. Make sure you read the fine prints of the policy before you purchase travel insurance. This will help you give a quick overview of the list of exclusions and inclusions.

Medical and Emergency Evacuation Facility

We’re in the midst of battling a global pandemic. This is evidence enough that we cannot always anticipate the next uncertain event waiting to take over. On your trip, there’s a mere chance, but still, a possibility exists that you may be privy to natural calamities or under the surge of attacks. With travel insurance cover in place, you will get primary support to be evacuated and sent back to your home country. Not only will your medical financials be taken care of as well as these costs are covered under a travel insurance plan

Peace of mind and priority access during such times must be key factor to keep in mind while planning your trip.

Availability of All-time Support 

New place? New language? There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Most travel insurance comes with 24×7 helplines that are prompt to respond to your queries and provide instant support. While packing your luggage, make sure you slip in a copy of your insurance policy to avail access easily. Focus on losing yourself this vacation, and don’t fear losing your way! Travel insurance covers are here to aid you with the extra mile of support. Isn’t that a handy perk to adorn?

The usability and benefits of a travel insurance plan are endless.

Cover 360 is a one-stop destination for all your insurance needs. The platform not only helps you select and buy your travel insurances online within the comfort of your home but also makes comparing policy easy. 

Cover 360 is testimony to the fact that your insurance process can be anything but tedious. Cover 360 makes it a point that your claim redressal is stress-free and smooth, with all-time support for your query redressals and information readily available. 

What more reasons do you need? Fetch yourself travel insurance in India today. Cover 360 is here to help!

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