What, Why and How of Travel Insurance in India

Breaking from the monotony of day to day hustle-bustle and planning a trip, either solo or with the family, feels like therapy.

Travel planning is one activity most of us look forward to. It doesn’t matter if it is a 2-day business trip or several weeks of vacation. Getting the magnanimous suitcase out, rolling the socks into fit the backpack’s deepest crevices, printing the tickets, and getting our travel docs sorted, it’s all check, check, check, and a check. 

Oh, but wait! The checklist is missing one thing. Travel Insurance!

Averting potential disasters, loss, theft or medical coverage must be on your checklist too. Well, for a reason you spent a wholesome amount to travel to and from your destination, then why not spend a fraction more in safeguarding yourself and your loved ones?

If you are still lingering over the thought of buying a travel insurance plan, you have stumbled upon the right article. Lock in your seatbelts as we give you a tour of the what’s, why’s, and how’s of travel insurance in India

Prepare for taking off in 3..2..1

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?
Commonly travel insurance plans entail coverage in the following circumstances:

  • Baggage Loss/Theft
  • Passport/Visa Loss coverage
  • Cashless Treatment Facility in the Event of Hospitalization
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Legal Obligation Coverage
  • Reimbursement and Automatic Policy Renewal in the Event of Delays
  • Residential Coverage
  • Death Cover
  • Coverage in Case of Injury/Accident

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance?

To answer your question in one word- Uncertainty!

Travelling abroad is an expensive endeavour. Being diagnosed with a medical condition or, even worse, meeting with an accident can give rise to high treatment costs. Theft and material losses are always probable. And the ongoing pandemic may leave you stranded in the host country with low funds incase of extended delays given the strict COVID-19 regulations. In all these scenarios, travel insurance saves the day.

How To Select The Right Travel Insurance?

Here comes the crucial part. Picking the right travel plan.

While purchasing a travel plan, it is vital to consider aspects that speak to you and fulfil your personal and family requirements. Below are some pointers to help you navigate this decision:

  • Destination Country: Being stranded on foreign grounds is highly probable given the ever-changing rules and regulations amidst the pandemic. It’s a smart option to help cover the cost incurred during the extended days of your stay.
  • Health Care Facilities in Destination Country: Health care costs in other countries may not match your home country cost estimate. It is highly advisable to invest in health insurance to stay on the safer side.
  • Your Existing Health Condition: Take into consideration your and the age of your family members. Do you have kids or senior citizens with you? Since they are most prone to ailments, it’s always a good idea to pack in your travel cover to safeguard them and provide care during a medical emergency.
  • Value of Goods Carried: Are you packing or plan to pack in high-value goods? These items that are prone to theft/loss require your attention. Travel insurance may help cover these costs up to a specific limit.
  • Current and Forecasted Weather: While the weather may be pleasant a few days before your travel, all keep a tab on the forecasts. You must always be prepared for   likely delays. Having travel insurance in place can help you accommodate the unforeseen.

Travel insurance in today’s day and age is not just a choice. It is a necessity. While everyone can earn money, only a few understand how to use it smartly. Investing in travel insurance helps you safeguard yourself from losses and uncertainties that may cost you a fortune otherwise—a cue to plan wisely, especially if you’re travelling afar with high-value goods and products. Your getaway itinerary is reserved for all that fun and relaxation you have planned to experience. Travel insurance ensures stress and unwanted expenses are not added to that to-do list of yours. 

While selecting a travel policy, make sure you avidly go through the fine prints. Taking charge and researching the insurance companies grievance redressal rates, claim settlement ratio and customer support will give you an insight into the worthiness of your investment. 

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Until next time, safe travels, and don’t forget to wear your mask and sanitise regularly!

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