Comprehensive Analysis of the Best Travel Insurance in India – A 2021

Uncertainty has become part and parcel of our daily lives. While everything is struggling to shift back to its daily course, we as social beings have been missing out on everyday things that constituted essential aspects of our lives. Don’t you miss hanging out with friends at your favourite restaurant? Or checking off things from your yearly bucket list? 

Or at the least, taking that trip you had been saving for? Well, that’s something this article will be able to help you with.

What we are about to tell you will ensure you come back with nothing but cherishable memories and anecdotes from your latest trip. Travel insurance will help you safeguard your vacation. And that’s just not what we are saying. Today the world is talking about the cruciality of insurance. In fact, according to a 2020 Allied market research, it is forecasted that the travel insurance market size will reach $39.3 billion by 2027. A ship to board? We think, yes!

This article will cover the essential aspects to look for while purchasing travel insurance online and bring to the forefront the best 5 travel insurance plans in India to peruse through and analyse. Let’s begin!

Medical and Emergency Coverage

Medical emergencies and costs of hospitalisation may be unanticipated in your travel budget checklist. A travel insurance plan takes care of hospitalisation expenses arising due to accidents, illness or injury and covers permanent disability. This is inclusive of medical evacuation. Simply meaning the cost of an ambulance or other emergency travel is taken care of.

Loss of Personal Liability and Ancillary Flight Cover

From the time your trip commences to and fro the destination country, all your items and liabilities are secured with the best-of-the-best travel insurance in place. This covers expenses arising due to trip cancellation in an unanticipated event as well as trip delays. You may not have accounted for extended days of stay, but that will be the least of your worries with a travel cover up your sleeve. The insurer compensates with a fixed allowance in case of delay in the arrival of check-in baggage. This is done only when the delay is for more than 6 hours for domestic and 12 hours for international locations.

Loss of baggage or important documents like passports is also safeguarded with the best travel plan. Additionally, travelling abroad is usually not a one-way trip at all times. In case you miss connecting flights for numerous reasons, your travel insurance company will aid you with the necessary support. Cue to recline your travel seat and relax!

Emergency Cash Advances

Lost your money during the trip? The feature enables you to have an emergency fixed daily allowance that you can avail yourself of when you’re out of money. This is particularly a relevant feature as these kinds of mishaps are highly possible during a foreign country trip. 

Mortal Remains Repatriation

In the event of a death in a foreign land, this feature allows for the transportation costs associated with commuting your mortal remains back to the resident country. This may also cover the amount necessary for funeral and other burial related costs locally.

Compassionate Visit Cover

Compassionate visit cover allows for an immediate family member(s) to visit you if you are hospitalised beyond five days. Uncertainties like these take off the economic burden apart from emotional distress during such testing times.

Keeping the above pointers in mind, you can effectively analyse and compare the best travel insurance. The listing below has the best 5 travel insurance plans in India for your reference:

TATA AIG Travel Plans

Available Plans: Travel Guard Plan, Student Travel Guard, Domestic Travel Guard, Asia Travel Guard 

Age Limit: N/A


  • Loss of Baggage and passport. Also, it foresees flight delays and other cancellations.
  • Medical and Dental exigencies covered including death repatriation and emergency cover.
  • Legal liabilities coverage.

Apollo Munich Travel Plan

Available Plans: Individual Plan, Family Travel Plan, Senior Citizen Plan, Student and Annual Travel Insurance Plans.

Age Limit: N/A


  • Loss of Baggage and passport. Also, foresees flight delays, trip curtailment, hijacking etc.
  • Medical and Dental exigencies covered including personal liability and emergency cover.

 Reliance Travel Insurance Plan 

Available Plans: International, Schengen Plan, Asia Travel Plan, Annual Trip Cover, Student and Senior citizen travel plans. 

Age Limit: Minimum-3 months, Maximum-80 years  


  • Trip cancellation, Passport Loss and Flight delays are taken care of under this plan.
  • This Plan also includes expenses covered for up to 6 days of trip delays and interruptions. 
  • Home burglary and compassionate visit expenses covered.
  • The Senior Citizen Plan includes a 25-day daily expense cover for an annual multi-travel. insurance plan and also includes a Hijack distress allowance. 
  • The student plan includes study interruption coverage and a two-way Compassionate Visit.

Bajaj Allianz Travel Plans

Available Plans: Individual, Family, Student, Corporate Travel, Senior Citizen, Travel Asia and Bharat Bhraman Plan

Age Limit: N/A


  • Loss of Baggage and passport, including hijack distress cover and personal liability.
  • Medical and Dental exigencies covered including medical evacuation, permanent disability, daily hospital allowance and AD&D common carrier for Corporate Travel insurance plan.
  • Home burglary coverage for family travel plans.
  • Family visit liabilities, incidental charges and tuition fees, bail bonds included for a student travel cover.
  • Emergency cash advance, child education support, emergency hotel extension expenses, and a compassionate family visit option for Bharat Bhraman plan.

HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance

Available Plans: Single Trip, Multi-trip Plans, Asia Travel Insurance Cover, Family Floater and Student Suraksha Cover.    

Age Limit: N/A    


  • Loss of Baggage and passport.
  • Medical and Dental exigencies covered including hospital cash allowance, accident plus injuries and emergency cover.
  • Exigency benefits under this plan include Hijack distress allowance, monetary emergency assistance, and medical repatriation for most available plans.
  • This is one of the best travel plans and comes with beneficial Childcare perks, bail bond coverage, and permanent disablement cover.

Cover 360 has a holistic range of travel insurance plans to analyse, compare and choose from. So, it’s time to get your tickets out; your luggage zipped and your vacation glasses on! Leave the worrying bit to Cover 360. We have got you covered from the uncertainties and worries about your trip!

Safe travels!

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