Why is Travel Insurance Important in a Post-COVID World

Here’s a Point of View: Imagine you’re in the middle of the workweek. With tremendous efforts, working after hours and doubling down on your caffeine intake, you manage to finish your presentations and meet your deadlines well in advance. What awaits you is an unplanned weekend with loads of free time! Being the travel enthusiast, you are, you start scouring the internet for a quick weekend getaway! After hours of planning and going back and forth, you’ve rounded up on a vacation spot. Ticket bookings are en-route, but just before you hit the “book now” button, a small checkbox intrigues you. It asks if you’ve COVID-secured your trip. In clear texts, it mentions if you already hold COVID Travel insurance? Confused, right? This post could potentially show you what you’re missing out on without Travel Insurance in the post COVID world.

What if we were to tell you that this small add-on rather mere pre-planning could be as necessary as your trip ticket?

Wondering why? Travel Insurance is your safety gear for the voyage world, especially during an ongoing pandemic. Consider it almost as equivalent to a life-jacket you would blow on an airplane during times of emergency.

The advantages of securing your trip at an added minimal cost would be a smarter call to make than paying for medical expenses in case of contraction of the coronavirus. While some travel insurances cover for medical expenses, others also help you recover prepaid expenses incurred during trip postponement or cancellation. Unforeseen circumstances might leave you stranded in an unknown destination with high costs. Bear no stress! Many COVID Travel Insurances have the capacity to cover the expenses incurred during these times of distress, sufficiently.

Unpredictable is the new normal. So make sure you take avid precautions while you are on your next rendezvous.

Cover 360 can help you pick and choose the ideal COVID travel insurance that suits your premium ranges and trip requirements. Secure your next trip by selecting from a range of travel insurances specially designed for the post COVID world from the country’s top travel insurers, all conveniently available at Cover 360.

Until then, stay safe!

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