Protect Yourself Against These 5 Deadliest Diseases In 2022

“Health is wealth” is a common saying we have all heard, and it rings very true. Especially in these unprecedented times where the pandemic is taking new twists and turns with new mutants. Now, more than ever, is the time to protect yourself from deadly diseases that are all around us. While it is challenging to fully protect yourself from exposure to these diseases, it is possible to protect yourself financially with health insurance plans in India. To understand which diseases you need to protect yourself from, read on!

Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory diseases are by-products of serval other ailments, the most prominent one being Covid. Their likelihood is also heightened by the excessive amount of air pollution we live amidst. Infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and lung abscess have become very common. You can also lower the risk of contracting the Coronavirus by protecting yourself from these deadly infections. In addition to a health plan to protect yourself from diseases, you can also make lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, exercising regularly, and following all Covid-19 protocols to avoid any health issues.


One of the biggest looming threats to almost everyone’s life currently is cancer. With multiple forms of cancer out there and its fatal nature, securing yourself from it is imperative. A good way to do so is by purchasing a health insurance plan that has an add-on option for critical illnesses. This way, in case you want to get coverage for your cancer treatment, you can simply add-on the critical illness coverage to your plan. Although a health insurance policy does not take away from the traumatic nature of this disease, however, it does alleviate the worry of funding and ensures you get proper treatment.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases consist of several illnesses that directly impact your heart’s functioning. Some of these diseases include abnormal heart rhythms, heart attacks, heart failure, and congenital heart diseases. Such conditions are life-threatening and can rack up a hefty hospital bill. To protect yourself from this, it is a good idea to avail of a health insurance plan in India that covers all cardiovascular diseases. Alongside this, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle as well.

Cognitive Diseases

As you get old, the likelihood of cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia significantly increases.  Many people also want to protect their parents from these diseases. To avail of these protective benefits for yourself or your parents, certain health insurance plans in India focus solely on these illnesses, which you can avail of. Often, these illnesses require the patient to go into a care facility, which can be heavy on the pocket. However, if you get an insurance plan that has that in the coverage, you do not have to worry about anything but the treatment process.

These diseases pose a genuine threat to your life. It is crucial you act proactively and take the necessary steps to prevent it. To get clarity on which health insurance plans in India are the best for your respective area of concern, contact customer care services or an insurance expert to purchase the best health policy for you. 

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