Why Health Insurance Is Important for Asthma Patients During Coronavirus Pandemic

Crores of people are suffering from asthma. If these people get infected with COVID-19 infection, the virus could lead to an asthma attack.  Symptoms could be worse than other people’s because asphaltic people already have trouble breathing. It is therefore important for people with conditions such as asthma to buy a health insurance policy and get a coronavirus vaccine when it is available to them.

There are many health insurance policies in the market that reimburse the medical expenses of the insured individual. Health insurance reimburses either the insured person directly or to their care provider.

Why Asthma Patients Should Buy Health Insurance

Patients with asthma or asthmatic symptoms know how expensive the treatment for this disease can be. Investing in health insurance helps reduce out of pocket expenses. Below are a few reasons why health insurance is a must for Asthma patients during coronavirus pandemic:

Expensive Treatment:

The treatment available for asthma is generally costly. And normal inhalers can cost your considerably.

Pollution and Sedentary Lifestyle:

In this day and age, the sedentary life is very prevalent as well as the pollution level is increasing considerably bringing drastic effects on the majority of asthma patients. This is deteriorating health conditions.

Urgent Hospitalization:

It is unknown for an asthma patient to know what incident or allergy may lead to an asthmatic attack. In such a situation, the patient ends up with sudden hospitalisation to recover.

Expenses Relating to Tests Required:

Medical tests for asthma are very expensive and every hospitalization due to asthma leads to diagnostic tests.

Factors to Be Checked While Buying Health Insurance

When buying health insurance, you need to consider the following factors.

Policy Coverage – Look into the size of cover because the inflation rate is increasing regularly and so is the healthcare expenses related to asthma care. You may not like you burn a hole in your pockets while paying for medical bills. If you have a health insurance plan, you will get covered against such an eventuality.

Understand Conditions – While asthma has many standardized procedures that are followed, health insurance cover provides coverage for different conditions linked with it. It is advisable to better consult your healthcare provider before deciding to buy a health plan for asthma. Clearly, understand conditions and interpretations of the ailment before signing the final deal.

Lifelong Renewability – In many cases, health insurance for asthma is renewed on an annual basis, few health insurance products provide lifetime renewability. However, it is subject to different health insurance companies.

Check Exclusions – It is advisable to look into the health insurance product you want to buy and check its exclusions. This will make sure that you make an informed decision and will not end up paying for procedures you thought were covered under the health plan.

Your Age– ‘How old you are’ has a pivotal role to play when it comes to premium calculation of the health insurance policy. Precisely speaking, the premium you will have to pay will be increasing with your age. It is therefore important to health insurance sooner, as it will be better for your budget.

The ratio of Claims – Pay attention to the Ratio of claims approved by the insurance provider you want to buy your health plan from. Ask your insurance company for providing you with its CSR (claim settlement ratio) over the years. This will allow you to fairly estimate your chances of a successful claim settlement.

Premium Amount:

The premium amount you pay is directly proportional to your age. Therefore, it is important to know that the sooner the policy is bought, the lesser cost of health insurance will be.


Health Insurance products are very important these days for people suffering from Asthma. Before purchasing the policy, it is duly important to apply all aforesaid points before purchasing health insurance. With that, when you buy a policy, it will be perfect and efficient to meet your health needs at the time of requirement. Also, it will allow you to seek proper medical treatment and opinion from a doctor. So make sure you take all the peculiar precautions and stay healthy.

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