Risk of Air Borne Diseases in Delhi NCR

Be Alert – Risk of Air-borne Diseases in Delhi NCR (Solution- Health Insurance)

With rising air pollution levels, especially post-Diwali, Delhi has seen an onslaught of air-borne diseases. Apart from the obvious threats to physical safety thick fogs of pollution cause, the entrance of particles into your body through respiration and other means causes further health deterioration.

The obvious solution to this is investing in a good healthcare plan through health insurance. Being covered by a hospital creates a safety net for you. After all, air purification masks, while highly effective, are never 100%. And if you are one of the 4.61 crore people living in Delhi NCR, taking proper steps against these air-borne diseases is imperative.

Just for a quick idea of why you need health insurance, we have listed down five major diseases that come with intense air pollution:

  • Respiratory and Lung Diseases:
    This is a no-brainer. If the air is no longer clean and pure, becoming asthmatic, having a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (CPOD) and reduced lung function are immediate side effects. However, the diseases can escalate further into lung cancer if the air contains carcinogen chemicals.
    With good health insurance, you remain covered at this step. The moment you invest in health insurance, it invests in you, keeping you alive longer by paying your bills!
  • Leukaemia
    Although there are fewer than 1 million cases per year in India, it is also true that pollutions levels were always lower. Now that they are at an all-time high, it is only natural that a rise in cases should follow.
    What is leukaemia?
    It is a type of blood cancer where your body begins overproducing white blood cells. However, these aren’t the regular WBCs meant to contribute to your immune system. Rather, they are cancerous cells and hinder your ability to fight off an infection.
    Its symptoms include fatigue, weight loss, easy bleeding and bruising. Again, while it is rare, intense air pollution accelerates it and increases its likelihood. And even having an increased likelihood is worrisome.
    Luckily, there are ways of fully curing (with an almost 90% success rate) this disease. But, like most cancer treatments, they are exceedingly expensive. Having health insurance covering this treatment and remission, therefore, makes complete sense. It provides the perfect cover for all your costs!
  • Birth and Immune System Defects
    The constant inhalation of harmful chemicals – even if through a filtration system – can lead to defects in births and immune systems. This means that if you are pregnant, living in Delhi NCR without health insurance covering regular medical check-ups puts your future child at risk!
    This is easily avoidable with regular tests, ensuring that everything is alright. With health insurance, you get these regular tests, therefore catching any possible defect before it has time for development. Treatment can begin immediately.
  • Cardiovascular Problems
    The particulate matter constantly entering your lungs very easily affects the functioning of your heart. Getting heart problems is common with air pollution. This is especially in the case of a stroke. Harmful particles increase the likelihood of strokes in people of all ages. It no longer depends on age and other factors – everyone is breathing the same air, after all.
    With health insurance in place, you can get regular check-ups done so you always know the condition of your heart. Keeping an eye on the most vital organ in your body is imperative and investing in a good healthcare plan is a large part of that. Using a good health insurance company ensures your overall well-being is kept intact and you face no extreme cardiovascular problems. Through regular meetings with doctors, you keep tabs on all your vital organs that could be affected by pollution.
  • Liver and Other Types of Cancer
    While lung and blood cancer are higher on the list in terms of likelihood, pollution brings carcinogens with it. Breathing these in for a prolonged period ensures your health begins its steady decline.
    No amount of filtration can fully protect you from these particles. This is why having health insurance protects you. It acts as a brilliant safety net, catching you when the air gets too much.
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