Air Pollution Can Significantly Aggravate Asthma

Air pollution is one of the leading causes of several diseases today. According to India’s Air Act, 1981, it is defined as “the presence of any “air pollutant” in the atmosphere.” This encompasses everything from solid to liquid to gas that could be considered harmful to humans, animals, property or the environment.

A lot of research shows that air pollution significantly affects asthma. It not only makes it worse but can also give non-asthmatic people asthma. That said, while vehicular air pollution and pollution caused by festivals are obvious sources, there are some less obvious sources.

Did you know pollutants could be lurking indoors?

Whether at home or in the office, you are always exposed to pollutants unless you take extra special care.

However, it is hard to take that special care all the time.

This is why health insurance exists. If you are asthmatic, investing in health insurance is a great way of combating air pollution. While you cannot reduce the actual pollution, you can control the impact it has on you. By having an insurance company cover your doctor visits, you give yourself a shield against the pollution.

Before we discuss health insurance, let us look at how air pollution affects asthma.

Air Pollution and Its Effects on Asthma

There are two major ways air pollution severely affects asthma:

  • Ozone
  • Airborne Particles

Let’s break each one down.


When we see “smog” or haze, what we are seeing is the ozone gas. It is a powerful pollutant, aggravating asthma by irritating the lungs and airways. Studies have linked a concentration of ozone gas directly to asthma attacks since it reduces lung function, making breathing harder.

Airborne Particles

When particulate matter fills the air, breathing it in is easy. These particles, found in air, smoke and dust present a huge risk to the respiratory system. They serve both; as an indication of bad air quality, as well as a catalyst for asthma attacks. They worsen asthma and, in the long run, can cause even more health problems.

While combating ozone and particulate matter is not simple, the short-term solution to these problems is health insurance. Creating a shield between you and health problems by investing in schemes allows you to take instant, preventive measures against the possible health problems.

The insurance covers medical visits for your asthma – a necessary step when presented with the condition. In a place with high pollution levels, having insurance makes all procedures much better since you have the guarantee of medical coverage.

That said, you are never truly free from a polluted space. As mentioned before, pollutants are present in both; office spaces as well as homes. This is why we need to examine both spaces and combat pollution accordingly.

Air Pollution in the Office

Of course, this depends on the kind of job you have. As a scientist working in a lab around chemicals, sprayed substances, carcinogens etc. you are automatically at a higher risk. If you work outdoors a lot, you are at a higher risk. However, indoors too, buildings may have mould spores, cockroaches, dust mites etc. acting as allergens.

The higher is your exposure to allergens; the worse is your asthma. However, the effect of allergens on your asthma can be controlled through regular doctor’s visits, and health insurance is the ideal way of covering the cost of these visits.

Air Pollution at Home

Cleaners, air fresheners, smoke from cooking and candles, burning fuels, and new carpets and furniture – all of these are sources of pollution. They introduce foreign matter into the air, therefore becoming allergens and aggravating asthma.

That said, after identifying your allergens at home, removing or reducing them is easy. Unlike the workspace, you have complete control in your home. However, taking the necessary steps soon is paramount. Living with polluted air for a prolonged period of time aggravates asthma. Therefore, whenever you buy new furniture or cook, purifying the air or increasing ventilation is necessary.

However, many times the source is unknown, and, usually, it isn’t just one space that aggravates your asthma. Travelling from home to office and back every day means you cover three spaces (home, road, your workplace) every day. Combining them makes aggravation worse.

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