Importance Of Health Insurance

As you all know “Health is Wealth”. To secure your health, you must have discipline in life, and here the law of nature, regular exercise, and plan your diet, good sleep and no tension. But even then you can’t guarantee that you will live healthily. Life is always challenging and medical facilities are very costly and once you admit in a hospital, your family suffers a lot in terms of physically, mentally and financially so it is better to have health insurance.

Nowadays the medical expenses are very high. In case of any medical emergency, it is quite difficult to spend a huge sum of money. But a health insurance policy will safeguard you from this unforeseen situation and will take care of your medical expenses.

No one wants to fall ill or get hurt but eventually, we fall ill and as you grow old, you will face some kind of medical condition and might need medical care at that point of time.

Not all people have a financially stable background to handle these expenses so it is necessary to be well prepared. To curb these expenses, you can opt for a health insurance policy to make sure that you are prepared in the future.

Benefits of Health Insurance :

1) Unexpected Expenses medical insurance protects you from the unannounced medical emergencies

2) Coverage of your family not only you but your full family will be secured under a single health insurance plan.

3) Hospitalization cost you can enjoy the benefit of cashless hospitalization offered by the insurance company. If you admitted to a hospital, you do not have to pay for the hospital medical expenses. Your health insurance company will take care of it.

4) Maternity coverage many health insurance companies provide maternity coverage also, however, it has some waiting period and only some of the insurance companies are providing these cover. The hospitalization cost, vaccination cost of the baby are covered under the health insurance plan.

5) Full Coverage it covers all the costs starting from ambulance expenses to Operation Theater, medicines cost etc. which will help you save your money.

6) free health Checkup Most of the health insurance policies are providing free health checkups once in a year or in two/ three/ four years depending on your policy terms and conditions.

7) Pre& Post Hospitalizations Bills other expenses like doctor fees, medical tests and medical bills etc. charges are also covered under the health insurance policy.

8) Cashless The hospital bill can be settled in a cashless manner without spending a single penny out of your pocket depending on your policy terms and conditions.

9) Network Hospitals There is a long list of hospitals empanelled with the insurance companies and you can choose a sweat able hospital near you from a wide range.

10) Tax Benefit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act provides the tax benefit on the premium paid to buy the health insurance for you or for your parents. So, health insurance provides medical coverage as well as helps in a tax deduction.

11) Organ Donor Transplant the cost of organ Transplant is very expensive not all can afford it. Health insurance takes care of it without burning your bucket.

12) Affordable Price getting a medical insurance policy in early age is advisable because the premiums are low and you have no pre-medical conditions.

13) No Claim Bonus most of the policies offer no claim bonus for every claim free year.

15) Self-worth you insure your cars, home and other material items, so why would you decide to put yourself last? Car or home repairs can be very costly, but have you thought about what it would cost to fix YOU if something went wrong? Get health insurance

Keeping these benefits in mind, you must purchase a health insurance policy which can take care of your medical expenses and secure your future. 

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