Lung Cancer Alert in Metropolitan Cities/

The present way of life has expanded the odds of getting lung cancer. 100 different types of cancers influence some portion of the body or other. Given the current life scenarios, anyone can succumb to this lethal disease. Led forward by gruesome pollution and smoking habits, individuals in metropolitan cities can easily acquire life-taking diseases like lung cancer.

An ongoing report led in Britain by the British Journal of Cancer finds that the lifetime danger of acquiring cancer has expanded from 38.5% men conceived in 1930 to 53.5% men conceived in 1960. The investigation presumed that the lifetime danger of cancer for individuals conceived in 1960 has seen a noteworthy increase of 50% since then. This is an alarming statistic.

In India alone, around 10 lakh individuals every year are diagnosed with cancer consistently and another 6 to 7 lakh of them lose their life due to this life-threatening disease. By 2035, these numbers may practically get doubled to 17 lakh new patients and 12 lakh deaths per annum. The figures are indicated by an uncommon research paper on cancer in India, which was distributed in Lancet Oncology diary.

While the likelihood of getting lung cancer has expanded generously, the expense of cancer treatment has likewise gone up manifolds. Current treatment costs can sweep a person’s complete life savings.

What is the remedy to such gruesome health situations and the expenses involved?

Insurance comes to rescue individuals from such heart-breaking scenarios. Far-reaching health insurance plans against cancer have become the need of great importance. Extensive restorative protection (for the most part floater policies that cover the family) gives protection to deal with a wide scope of health issues.

But, the protection spread provided by such policies accompanies sub-constrains on the sum assured payable in various circumstances. While basic sickness protection plans pose this problem, a committed cancer treatment plan can help substantially in the situation.

What are the lung cancer protection plans available in the market?

Fortunately, there are two or three cancer care protection plans accessible in the market today. Existing lung cancer protection policies in the market are:

  • Cancer Care Plus by ICICI Prudential
  • HDFC Life Cancer Care

Additionally, AEGON Religare has recently propelled its iCancer Insurance Plan.

Let us get an insight into the idea of cancer care plans and a portion of their regular highlights:

Cancer protection is a unique segment of a basic disease arrangement. It provides cover against the terminal and other illnesses around cancer. By and large, a cancer-explicit plan takes care of various expenses related to cancer analysis and treatment, including hospitalization, radiation, chemotherapy and medical procedure, among others.

A far-reaching cancer protection plan covers most types of cancer, at both early and propelled stages. Therefore, these insurance plans give the safeguarded budgetary and mental security to the cancer patient and the family post of cancer analysis.

The basic types of cancer secured by such protection plans are:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Ovary Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer
  • Hypopharynx Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer

Benefits of Lung Cancer Protection Plan

In most different sorts of cancer, cash is payable at different phases of analysis, treatment and medical procedure, including minor, major and basic stage. The protection payout depends upon the phase of cancer and claims recently settled under the arrangement. A few term plans also offer free ordinary cancer registration during the whole span of the term.

Other Benefits of Lung Cancer Protection Plans

Some cancer care plans additionally give premium waiver advantage in specific cases. According to this waiver advantage, when a case under the significant stage cancer advantage statement is affirmed, all future premium instalments for the policy are deferred for the remainder of the plan. Notwithstanding, it ought to be noticed that every one of these advantages are valid only if all due premiums have been paid and the insurance is in power.

Another benefit of cancer care plans is that they are sensibly complemented with different sorts of health plans. Also, the premiums paid are qualified for tax breaks under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. In any case, there is no passing, development or give up advantage payable under such plans.

Eligibility Criteria to Avail Lung Cancer Protection Plan

For most cancer-specific insurance plans, the base age is 18 years and the greatest age is 65 years, while the base aggregate sum assured is Rs 5 lakh and the greatest Rs 50 lakh. Sustainability of the policy availed for 65 years old changes from plan to plan.

Industry specialists strongly believe that lung cancer insurance is one very important tool to safeguard oneself from the hazards of ecological changes and detrimental lifestyles. Lung cancer is easily catchable especially in the metropolitan cities where pollution is increasing in heaps and bounds every day.

For the youth to stay protected from the health demons like lung cancer, Health insurance is the greatest boon!

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