Month: June 2019

Health tips

Health Tips for You My definition of a healthy person is someone who doesn’t need any kind of help to perform everyday tasks like medicines and braces etc. The person would also be mentally healthy to handle day to day stress. In our busy life schedule, we don’t have time to take care of our …

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Benefits of Blood Donation

Blood donate is the best thing, anyone can do and feel like a superhero. Blood donation makes you feel good, and I’m sure the psychological effect of feeling good and knowing you help people also has some medical benefits (might have some impact on stress which again has an impact on a lot of other …

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Importance of term insurance

Why should I opt for a term life insurance when I will get nothing after the expiry of its coverage period. This is an excellent question. First you understand the concept of life insurance, life insurance have two parts i.e. mortality and investment. Mortality charges are not reimbursable while the investment part is reimbursed along …

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