Trending’s Myths and Facts Regarding cancer insurance: Stay Informed for a Secure Future

Cancer Insurance

Absolutely, staying informed about cancer insurance is crucial ( importent) for making informed decisions about your financial security and healthcare needs. Let’s debunk some common myths and clarify some facts about cancer insurance:

Myth: Cancer disease is not covered under regular health insurance policy and have to buy specific insurance for cancer.

Facts; Cancer is covered under regular health policy, you can also buy critical health insurance which covers certain diseases including cancer. A specifics cancer insurance policy is also available.

Myth: the cancer insurance to be purchased only who have family history

Fact: While a family history of cancer may increase your risk but anyone can develop cancer.

Myth: Health / cancer insurance covers all costs associated with cancer treatment.

Myth: Cancer Insurance covers all cost associated with treatment

Fact: While health insurance may cover a portion of cancer treatment costs, there are often significant out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, copayments, and some disposable items. Cancer insurance which is a benefit policy,  can help fill these gaps and provide additional financial support.

Myth: Cancer insurance is expensive.

Fact: The cost of cancer insurance varies depending on factors Age , Gender, health status, coverage amount, and insurance provider. While premiums may be higher for older  individuals or those with pre-existing conditions, the financial protection provided by cancer insurance can outweigh the costs, especially if diagnosed with cancer.

Myth: Cancer insurance cover only cancer related treatment not others disease.

Fact: Cancer insurance may cover some cancer-related expenses and there are 120 day waiting period for cancer related treatment, Insurance company will provide the 100% Sum Insured as lumpsum benefit over and above the base Sum Insured if the Insured  diagnosed 

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