Benefits of Blood Donation

Blood donate is the best thing, anyone can do and feel like a superhero. Blood donation makes you feel good, and I’m sure the psychological effect of feeling good and knowing you help people also has some medical benefits (might have some impact on stress which again has an impact on a lot of other things). There is nothing to worry about blood donation.

The myth about blood donation

Blood donation is a painful process: No blood donation is not at all painful. It only involves a needle prick and temporary discomfort.

Blood donation causes blood deficiency: Blood donation does not cause blood deficiency. The blood volume is revived within 48 hours. If the person is healthy and good eating habits can donate blood four times a year.

People with diabetes cannot donate blood: People with diabetes can donate blood as long as their sugar level is within the permitted range.

Blood donation leads to obesity: People who eat more and avoid exercise after donating blood may gain weight. Blood donation helps in losing weight.

There is a risk of getting exposed to severe infections like HIV: A person will not face the risk of getting exposed to infections like HIV until he ensures that the needle used are sterilized or are new.

Benefits of blood donation

Renewed Blood Cells–after giving blood, the body works to restore or replenish the blood loss thus stimulating the production of new blood cells and in turn aid in preserving good health.

Free Health Check-when you donate blood you will first undergo a quick and complete physical assessment of the following: blood pressure, pulse, temperature and hemoglobin test. The collected blood will be tested for 13 different tests for infectious diseases like HIV virus and you will be notified immediately if anything comes back positive.

Promote Healthy Heart and Liver-giving blood is helpful in minimizing the risk of heart and liver diseases resulting from iron overload in the body. It also helps in controlling the levels of iron and reducing the possible risk of different health malady.

Help Reducing Weight–regular blood donation helps to reduce donors’ weight.

Help Prevent Cancer–donating blood can help reduce the risk of developing cancer. Giving blood aids in maintaining the healthy levels of iron stored in our body which is a link in the reduction of risk in cancer.

Reduce the risk of Hemochromatosis(too much iron)– arises when there is too much iron builds up in the body. Too much iron may damage the heart and liver and can lead to other ailments such as arthritis and diabetes. Regular blood donation can help reduce extra iron in your body.

You can save more than one life with a single blood donation. Be Someone’s hero and donate blood.

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