Will Your Motor Insurance Cover Damage Due to Fire?

The rising number of vehicles on the roads not only adds to traffic congestion and pollution but has also resulted in accidents in recent years. One of the most frightening things that may happen to your favourite vehicle is if it gets destroyed in a fire. Fortunately, you will never be in such a circumstance, but tragedies may arise without notice occasionally. What if your car unexpectedly catches fire? Are you ready for the consequences? If you are curious if your car insurance policy covers fire damage, keep reading to find out.

Does your car insurance policy cover damage due to fire?

If you have comprehensive motor insurance coverage, the insurance provider will reimburse you completely for the damage to your car due to the fire. These accidents or cracks might be interior or exterior, like wiring or electrical fittings of the car’s electrical equipment and components damage. 

Many Car owner have comprehensive car insurance. When your car is damaged, full coverage covers its physical worth. The two most prevalent components of complete coverage are  third party dameges TP and damages to your car own damges.

Fire is precisely mentioned as  “actual ignition in the cars with visible flames” for the purpose of the car insurance claim. Therefore, the comprehensive car insurance policy covers car damage due to fire. But, such damage is not insured by a Only third-party policy. 

In the event of comprehensive coverage, the policyholder will settle the claim if it can be proven that the damage or loss was caused by fire, whether caused by internal or external causes. However, if the fire were started on purpose by the owner, the claim would be denied.

How to file a claim in case of damage due to fire?

In the event of actual ignition, a motor insurance claim for the fire will be covered. For claim settlement, you must fulfil many standards. This is not intended to stop you from purchasing insurance but rather to guarantee that false claims are denied, and legitimate claims are settled. As a result, if you have done nothing illegal and have all the necessary evidence, you need not be concerned about claim rejection.

To file a claim in burnt cases, you need to provide certain documents, including a dully filled and signed claim form, FIR, the final report of investigation, car insurance policy’s copy, report of the fire brigade, original care repair bills or the event of vandalism, newspaper clippings depicting the disturbances. You can file a claim for the burned car by following any of the procedures outlined by the insurance company.

  • Contact your insurance provider through call, email or website.
  • Provide policy details and express your desire to file a claim for fire-related damage.
  • Submit the necessary papers requested by the insurance.
  • The insurance will hire a surveyor to examine the damaged vehicle. The surveyor will inspect the vehicle and determine the source of the damage.
  • The insurance can confirm or refuse the claim depending on the surveyor’s findings. If the motor insurance claim is authorised, it will be resolved, and you will be able to receive the claim payment as per the policy’s terms and conditions.
What kind of fire damage will a car insurance policy cover?

Even the thought of a car catching fire is certainly terrifying since flames can do a significant amount of damage. Here are the most common causes your car might be damaged by fire:

  • Garage fire: A fire might ignite in your garage, exposing damage to your home, vehicle, and everything in the car. Your property insurance will only cover the garage structure, not your vehicle. If your car is parked in the garage, your primary option for reimbursement is through your Car insurance policy. 
  • Engine fire: Mechanical issues such as poor wiring, overheating, or oil leaks can cause your car’s engine to catch fire, and the fire may then damage the other parts of the vehicle. Because this was beyond your control and unintended, your comprehensive motor insurance will cover the loss and any substantial damages.
  • Fire due to an accident: Several severe accidents have resulted in the car exploding in flames. This can occur in the event of a car collision involving both a single and many vehicles. If your car catches fire due to an accident, it will be covered under collision or comprehensive coverage based on the specific cause of the accident.

Bottom Lines!

If your car burns down without insurance, you’re pretty much screwed. You will certainly have to pay for the damages out of your pocket.

In brief, while the prospect of our automobiles catching fire is unsettling, it is not wholly unreal. It is prudent to get a car insurance policy to cope with it. Furthermore, with solo or comprehensive insurance, you may choose from various add-ons to give further protection from fire damages, such as engine cover, zero depreciation cover, and roadside assistance cover.

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