When Is Home Treatment Required? for COVID-19

The covid-19 pandemic brought many medical challenges throughout the world. With cases emerging each day, it was hard to find beds in the hospital was hard. A general health insurance policy covers the expenses of 24 or more hours under the supervision of a doctor in the hospital. However, due to a shortage of beds and facilities, home treatment was the only option for Covid-19.

What is the Corona Kavach Policy?

Corona Kavach Policy is the covid-19 insurance policy that covers your home treatment expenses. All the insurance companies in India offer the Corona Kavach policy by IRDAI. The coverage amount can be anywhere between 50,000 to 5 lakh rupees. The policy is a short term policy and was released last year.

The home care treatment cover provides you with financial support for 14 days of home treatment. The cover helps you pay for all the home treatment expenses, including diagnostic tests, oxygen cylinders and oximeters. However, the policy does not cover the expenses for home quarantine.

Coverage of Corona Kavach Policy

The Corona Kavach Policy can only be taken when a patient requires hospitalisation and is positive but is unable to get one. Unlike long-term health insurance policies, the policy covers the expenses of home treatment for Covid-19. The covid insurance is short term and covers the following criteria of home treatment.

1.     Doctor and Nurse Fee

The policy will cover charges of both doctor and nurse. The doctor will submit the charges of the medical staff facility in the form of a monitoring sheet to the insurance company, and the insurer will pay for it.

2.   Purchases Made on Medical Equipments

Medical equipment purchased by the insurer for treatment like oximeter, thermometer, had cylinders, and nebulisers are all covered by the policy.

3.   Medicines

If a doctor prescribes the medicines and the insured have the proof, the COVID insurance will cover the expenses.

4.     Medical Treatment

The policy excluding oral treatment will cover medical treatment, including IV bottles and fluids.

5.     Diagnostic Test Charges 

The policy covers all the diagnostic tests, including the tests for COVID. COVID tests, specifically the RT PCR charges, are covered in this policy.


In severe times when finding the right treatment and a bed in a good hospital becomes a task, you can buy the covid-19 insurance policy to cover your expenses. You can buy the policy in advance to be on the safer side when such conditions emerge. You can stay closer to your family and get home treatment for COVID-19 without worrying about the expenses. The policy will cover the expenses mentioned above.

For more details on health insurance for covid-19, you can contact an expert insurance agent or call customer service.

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