List of Documents Required for Car Insurance Claim Process

There are many benefits of taking car insurance today. From providing financial support in times of calamities to theft, car insurance helps you cover it all. The insurance can be taken by paying a fixed premium and renewing it on time for legal car protection. When a crisis arises where the insured’s car is damaged in a car accident, the insured can raise a claim. As the insured pays a premium, he has a right to ask the insurance company for a claim when an accident occurs.

Types of Claims and Documents Required 

There are three types of claims that you can file under motor insurance. Below are the types of claims and the documents that must be submitted to the insurer.

1. Third-Party Claims

Third-party claims are raised to obey the third party liabilities. If your car has damaged the vehicle or life of a third party then you can raise this claim. In case you are the sufferer then you must note the information of the vehicle and the owner who caused it, including name, phone and vehicle number. In both cases reporting to the police and the insurer is a must.

Documents required to raise third party car insurance claims are-

  • Claim form with all the required information and signature
  • Copy of Driving License and Registration Certificate
  • Original documents of the Vehicle
  • Copy of Police FIR
2. Car theft Claims

Car theft claims are filed when an insured car is stolen. If your car is stolen, report it to the police, RTO and the insurer immediately.

The insurer can ask for the car keys, warranty cards and the documents listed below, so keep them ready.

  • Copy of Police FIR
  • Theft declaration form by RTO
  • Coly of the insurance policy
  • Tax repayment receipt
  • Form numbers 28,29,30 and 35
  • Details of the previous insurance policy including insurance number, name of the company and date of buying the policy
  • Car registration documents
3. Accident Claims

Accident claims of own damage claims are those car insurance claims that you take when your vehicle is damaged in an accident. When you experience damage do not move the vehicle from the accident spot and report to the police and insurer.

The insurer will ask for the documents listed below if you are a victim of the accident.

  • Claim form with signature
  • Copy of insurance policy
  • Copy of registration certificate and driver license
  • Vehicle inspection address
  • Bill of the repairs and payment receipts
  • Receipts of Tax repayment

The collection of evidence is important to get the claim as the details of the calamity will be checked before approval. The right insurance company will support you when the damage occurs. You can also contact the customer service or insurer to know more details on the motor insurance claim.

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