Cashless Car Insurance – What is Cashless Car Insurance Policy?

Car Insurance provides financial aid from both men made and natural calamities. The awareness for insurance is increasing day by day, and thus, more hassle-free ways must be adopted. Cashless claims are increasingly gaining popularity because of fast claim settlement.

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What is a Cashless Car Insurance Policy?

A cashless car insurance policy settles the claim quickly and in a hassle-free way. Cashless claims were gaining popularity increasingly as they paid the bill directly to the service provider. When merged into a car insurance policy, the cashless claim makes it a lot easier for the insured to pay for the damage caused. In case of car damage and accidents, the insurer pays for the bill to the partner garage.

Benefits of car insurance can be availed by the insured without paying for car repairs and medical damages due to the accident; the insurer will directly pay the bill. You don’t have to pay any cash as the claim amount will be settled directly with the service provider.

Benefits of Cashless Car Insurance

Cashless car insurance has the following benefits-

1.   Transparent

Cashless car insurance is completely transparent as all the bills and estimates associated with a repair are sent directly to the insurance company. Payments for all the repairs are directly paid to the partner garage by the insurer. There is an involvement of a surveyor from the beginning to the end of the repair.

2.   Hassle-Free

In this modern world where everything is fast, you cannot stop by to fill out the form and submit the required documents. In the case of a cashless car insurance policy, there are no such formalities involved.

3.     Quick Claim Settlement

The claim settlement process is quick as the surveyor keeps the insurance company updated after the calamity happens. He sends all the bills for approval, and with gas approval, the claim is settled quickly with gas approval.

4.     Quality Service

As there is an involvement of a surveyor who takes care of all of the bills and expenses involved in the car’s repair. The partner garages are chosen wisely by insurance companies for a better experience for the insured and the quality service of the car.

5.   Convenient

A cashless car insurance policy is more convenient as you don’t have to look after the repair. The surveyor’s quality repair and hassle-free claim settlement focus on a satisfactory repair of the car for the insured.

How to Make a Cashless Car Insurance Claim?

To make a cashless car insurance claim after the unfortunate incident, you must visit the partner garage of your insurer. The bills from where will be directly sent to the insurance company, and the surveyor will do all the checks for the repair. You don’t have to pay anything except some deductibles and depreciation costs.

Cashless car insurance is the new way to settle claims. For more information on the cashless car insurance policy, you can contact customer service or the insurance agent.

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