Is Dengue Treatment Covered Under a Health Insurance Policy?

Dengue season is around the corner. You need to be careful and adopt all the possible ways to not catch these diseases. Since no treatment is available, you need to be self-protected.  Also, buy health insurance to get financial assistance if you or your family has dengue fever. It is a seamless way to deal with the financial crunch. But the question is whether dengue treatment is covered under a health insurance policy.

The answer is YES. Health insurance covers dengue fever.

Let’s uncover details of dengue health insurance.

Dengue Health Insurance

Dengue health insurance is a kind of insurance plan that covers medical expenses incurred on dengue fever treatment. It is the most effective way to get financial support and pay medical bills.

What is covered under a Dengue Health Insurance Policy?

Dengue health insurance offers more extensive cover than a normal health plan. The eligibility criteria to buy this policy range between 91 days and 65 years, depending on the plan you choose. In general, the insurance policy provides coverage for in-patient hospitalization, pre and post-hospitalization, pharmacy, home nursing expenses, room rent, ambulance, and ICU charges, diagnostic tests, doctor consultation fees, and outpatient expenses (OPD consultation in some policies).

Dengue Insurance Health Insurance: Waiting Period

Every health insurance comes with a waiting period. And the plan for dengue fever is no exception. Typically, a waiting period is the duration during which you cannot file any claims. In the case of dengue fever, the waiting period is 15 days from the date the policy is purchased. However, it can vary based on plans.

What Are Not Covered Under Dengue Health Insurance?

There are certain exclusions under the policy. They are any claim filed for treatment other than dengue is not covered. Getting treatment from an unauthorized hospital or group is excluded. Costs of any medicines or treatment that are not required or the treatment availed outside the geographical areas of the country are not covered by health insurance.

When choosing a dengue plan, check all inclusions, exclusions, waiting period and more.

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