Insurance Claim Procedure for People on Dialysis or With Kidney Transplant (for Critical Illness Policy)


Getting diagnosed with kidney failure means a big jolt to your finances. It is like the end of a normal life, whipping out your savings. It’s not only the person who is on dialysis to be affected, but his/her entire family ends in tension and stress. Life becomes severely tense about the security and future of dependents as expenses for dialysis or kidney transplant can be in lakhs.

The best is to get covered under a critical insurance plan that provides coverage for Dialysis or Kidney Transplants. Such an insurance policy will pay you a lump sum after you survive the waiting period.  

Here is detailed information regarding insurance claim procedures for people on dialysis or those with kidney transplants.

Claim Process  

Follow the below steps to file claims under your health insurance policy for dialysis:

  • First of all, inform your insurer about the diagnosis as soon as possible
  • Your insurance company will provide you with a list of documents to submit
  • Collect all the documents and submit them within 90 days of the first diagnosis of the disease (the number of days can vary from company to company)
  • After verifying all the documents, the insurer will release the amount that can be used per your requirements

Remember that the claim under the plan is easily processed based on a diagnostic report. To file a claim, you need to contact your insurance company and raise a claim request.

Below is the list of documents that you need to submit:

  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • Photo ID Proof and cancelled Cheque of the claimant
  • Detailed discharged summary
  • Doctor’s certificate
  • Hospital Bill
  • Copy of hospital summary, discharge papers
  • Copy of prescription, medical reference, etc.
  • Copy of medical reports, records
  • Medical certificate received by the doctor. It should include the diagnosis of the critical illness
  • Any other relevant documents if required by the Insurer

It is worth noting that verification is done by the insurance company. If it is found valid, then only the claim amount is released.

Also, be informed that not all health insurance plans cover the treatment expenses incurred on dialysis and kidney transplant. When buying health insurance, read the policy document and make sure if the policy covers dialysis.

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