When to Buy Travel Insurance

Having travel insurance in India is important as it can help you out if you lose your possessions, if your flights and accommodation gets delayed or cancelled, or if you become ill or injured while on holiday or a business trip. Also, buying a travel insurance policy online covers medical expenses due to an unexpected reason (e.g. illness or death of a close family member) i.e. compensates the monetary loss.

Moreover, it may cover you against emergencies in remote areas while travelling as the resources might be insufficient when it comes to medical facilities. Therefore, even in that case, travel insurance is required.

Thus, this blog would act as the perfect guide to enlighten you with apt knowledge regarding travel insurance.

Ideal Time to go for Travel Insurance Plan-

As soon as you plan to travel and do the booking, the right step calls for buying a domestic or international travel insurance policy online accordingly. Apparently, travel insurance becomes essentially important for any journey, particularly if it is a non-refundable trip. Moreover, opting for travel insurance in advance is more favourable to get protected.

Travel insurance plan can easily be arranged while booking the trip to get the exact coverage for the time period of the trip. A “multi-trip” policy can be opted for to get coverage for the unlimited no. of trips within a particular time frame.

Let’s start to explore the apt time to book the best travel Insurance plans

If in case, you are planning to travel just once or twice, opting for Single trip travel plan is ideally best-suited. In this case, you should book the plan in advance wherein the cover would start the day you buy it to ensure safety in between booking and actually travelling. This plan expires on the mentioned returning date.

In case you travel frequently, opting for annual travel insurance in advance do wonders as well; it lasts for 12 months, starting from the date you wish the policy to start. The cover begins on the specified date while buying the travel insurance; thus, it is apt to buy the plan on the same date you book flight tickets to ensure you get pre-departure guaranteed coverage.

How to get Travel Insurance:

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