7 Coronavirus Vaccine Myths Debunked by Health Professionals

As the wave of COVID-19 variants spreads, believing myths about coronavirus vaccines are very dangerous. The spread of vaccine myths among common people is spreading as fast as the coronavirus itself. It is dangerous especially when a much-scary second wave of the virus is in swing and is even more dangerous for people high-risk. Thanks to medical scientists and COVID-19 warriors who have developed vaccines and are treating patients.

A big challenge is the spread of misinformation and myths about the pandemic. Let’s debunk some of the common myths about COVID vaccines.

Myth#1: COVID vaccine will give you coronavirus disease.

Reality- Not true. One thing you must know is that the coronavirus vaccine is effective to an extent. It can lower the possibility of symptomatic virus infection. So, there is no reason to doubt them. 

Vaccines guarantee an extra mile of your health, according to doctors. While you will kick in high immunity in 14 days after you get the second dose, it is equally important to keep wearing masks, marinating distance and avoid going out. 

Myth#2: You do not need the vaccine because you have already contracted COVID-19

Reality – Coronavirus pandemic lets your body accumulate a certain level of natural immunity, which makes many people, who have already been infected, hesitant to get the vaccine shot. This can turn out to be a bad call to make.

You need to understand that immunity with the virus is a mixed bag right now. There is no evidence to judge the extent to which it lasts or for an individual who can have frail immunity. Getting a vaccine dose right now will provide you with better protection over and above natural immunity. It is therefore important to willingly schedule the dose to safeguard your health even if you have had COVID-19 before. 

Myth 3 – A coronavirus vaccine will badly impact your immunity.

Reality – In general, vaccines are made using a safe and small portion of inactive or weakened pathogen-bacteria, fungi, virus, and parasites or even lab-made protein which imitates the pathogen. They are used to stop virus infection by that same bacteria or virus.

Once you get the shot, you get a weakened form of an illness that triggers your immune system lets you experience that the body is being infected. Your body will start building antibodies to fight against the disease.

Myth 4- The vaccine trials were hurried, so it is not safe

Reality- No doubt there was an urgency to develop vaccines to protect public health. But that does not mean the vaccines are not safe. Many pharma giants and medical scientists were involved in developing an effective Covid-19 Vaccine. Although vaccines may cause certain reactions in some people, millions have received their jabs and they are healthy. It is only obvious that the COVID vaccines are safe for everyone to take.

Myth #5: Coronavirus vaccines will change your DNA

Reality- Wrong! Covid-19 Vaccines only train the immune system to detect and beat the pathogen. They can’t enter the nucleus of cells where generic code is present.

Myth #6: Vaccines for coronavirus pandemic will make you infertile

Reality – If you are planning for a family, there is no reason to be fearful of being infertile after taking the dose of the coronavirus vaccine. According to health experts, infertility is not a proven side-effect of the virus or any other vaccines. The only person who should not take a shot is a pregnant woman. This is because; pregnant women have lower immunity or threshold.

Myth #7: Vaccines cause blood clots.

Reality –This is wrong. Vaccines are largely safe for use. World Health Organization has already eliminated all the myths that vaccines cause blood clots. People with comorbidities should get the vaccine. If fears continue to bother you, consulting a doctor before getting the dose is necessary.

Bottom Line

Please note that getting the COVID-19 vaccine protects you a lot from several risks. And definitely, it is better than contacting Coronavirus. However, having health insurance to fight any financial crunch due to medical emergency, wearing regular masks, maintaining social distancing, washing hands should be your priority. 

Take the vaccine, and look for a healthier and better lifestyle. What more? Don’t trust any information until or unless it is recommended by doctors, medical scientists or any authorized organization.  

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