Top Tips for Travelling Safe this Pandemic

About to book your tickets for a vacation or going on a business trip?

Read this first.

A lot has changed with a pandemic covering the face of the earth. We have compiled the top 5 tips to use before you pack your suitcase and board that trip!

Let’s begin.

Invest in a Travel Insurance

This tip should go without saying. Travel insurance amid a pandemic not only protects you from medical emergencies and uncertainties but also provides coverage against loss of physical and personal good. Plus, COVID-19 is all the rage at present. While trip insurance may not safeguard you directly, the indirect cost of hospitalization and financial aid is taken care of.

Get Your Safety Stash Ready

Want to travel safely during a pandemic? Here’s a handy checklist you can put to use right away:

  • Extra Face masks
  • A protective face gear
  • A pack of sanitiser
  • Disinfectant Spray
  • Tissue or cleaning material
  • PPE Kit if necessary

Make sure you check these off before leaving your home! All prepped up for a safe trip? Almost yes.

Pick your Seats Smartly

One of the most crucial aspects of planning your trip? The journey itself. With inexpensive flight tickets being the usual amidst a pandemic, travelling safely is on almost everyone’s radar. However, this may also mean crowded transportation. Check the seating arrangement well in advance and opt for the window seat to minimise germ contact. Make sure you ensure and ask if the staff has sanitised your seating.

Zero-contact Rule for Surfaces

According to the official WHO circular in 2020, the virus can remain active on plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours. Yes! That’s beyond three days. Given such a critical piece of information, it is best to avoid contact with outside surfaces and objects. And remember the safety stash we just packed? Use it avidly. Sanitise frequently and avoid sharing belongings during your journey.

Social Distancing on Your Mind

Keep the statutory one hand distance rule on your mind at all times. Maintaining a 1-metre distance from people around your radius will ensure minimal contact. Avoiding public places and crowded localities is an unspoken fundamental that you must adhere to at all times.

Follow all government regulations and read the trip advisory circular thoroughly and experience safe pandemic travel! For all your travel insurance requirements, make sure you research, compare and analyse before purchase. At Cover 360, we have got you covered!

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