Ten Reasons, For Newly-Wed Couples Should Consider Family Health Insurance?


The excitement of starting a new journey with your partner is quite infectious. The possibilities of new dreams, life, and highs make you believe that you can achieve every happiness in the world, and so should you. However, being optimistic and hopeful for a glorious future also comes with a caveat to being careful with life’s uncertainties. Health is one of those big unknown factors that can attack you or your family anytime, unannounced. Preparing yourself, at least financially, to face health challenges should become an important part of your priority list; for that, family health insurance is the way to go. Let us share with you ten reasons why you must invest in a family health insurance plan immediately:

  1. Easy: You don’t have to venture out searching for plans. You can explore various plans online and choose the best one for you. It is beneficial to choose a single-family plan to keep the premiums low while getting maximum benefits. It also helps to keep track of one single policy, making the process simpler and easier.
  • Coverage: Family health insurance plans offer  coverage for all family members under one single plan so that everyone can avail of the maximum insurance benefits, including coverage amount.
  • Maternity Plans: Getting into the family way is the organic path after marriage. However, to cover expensive costs related to the birth of a child, it’s advisable to add maternity cover to your family plan. Focus on bringing another life to birth rather than worrying about expenses.
  • New Members: It is easy to add new family members to an existing family health insurance plan. The insurance company provides you with options to add a baby to your plan and cover the related expenses, or you can add a sibling even later on.
  • Comprehensive Cover: A family plan ensures you are covered for health emergencies throughout the term of the plan and the insured’s life. Any kind of medical treatment, hospitalisation, consultation, surgeries, emergencies etc., are fully covered. Having a health plan from the start of your marital life ensures you safeguard your current and future family from any health scares.
  • History of Illnesses: It’s not just about the present and future but also the past that matters. For parents with previously diagnosed diseases, an insurance plan can be bought catering to cover that disease. Since it will be a family health plan, it provides extensive coverage without complications.
  • Premium: Starting early in life means affordable premiums. Also, it will be much more economical and easy on the pocket to buy a plan that covers the entire family rather than several individual plans. Also, the combined financial coverage can be more for the same premium than buying them individually.
  • Tax: Health plans provide you tax deductions for the premium under section 80D of the income tax act. Not only will you be covering yourself financially against potential health expenses, but you will also be reducing your taxable income and saving money on it.
  • Offers: Many insurance providers offer attractive discounts for family health plans. All you have to do is search for different plans and buy the most beneficial one. Discounted premiums with maximum financial coverage and other benefits go a long way in saving money that can be used for meeting other family expenses.
  1. Claims: You will rarely need to file multiple claims in a year, but even in that case, insurance plans offer limits to number of claims and the amount is pre-decided. In case of emergencies, you can avail such benefits without having to worry about arranging money.

Amidst all the planning for a beautiful future together, take a little time to compare several online health insurance plans. Figure out the best one that suits your and your family’s current and future needs and invest in one. This small decision will go a long way in securing your financial future while living a wholesome, healthy life.

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