Pre existing Conditions and Travel Insurances

Travelling is one of the best ways to kick back and relax. That said, when you travel to a new place, you’re also exposed to all kinds of new bacteria and other factors that could trigger all sorts of bodily reactions.

Bodily reactions you may not even know you have.

Doing a medical check-up before travelling, especially if it is to a place very different from home, is always a good idea. Doing so ensures you know what allergies you have – if any and what part of your body is most vulnerable to a change in your environment.

This is especially true when it comes to pre-existing medical conditions. Many people may not think they need to include pre-existing conditions when claiming the insurance but that is a huge mistake. Just because you were living fine with it before does not mean your insurer should not know about it.

In cases like travel insurance, especially, intimating your insurer about any pre-existing condition is of paramount importance.

First, what is a pre-existing medical condition?

You call any medical condition pre-existing if:

  • You had awareness about it
  • You are currently undergoing or previously underwent treatment for it
  • You take regular medications for the condition
  • You either had surgery or are planning to have surgery for this condition

All of this makes it a part of your medical history and no aspect of your medical history should ever be hidden from your insurer. Hiding your medical history has several downsides – not only does it make you seem like you have something to hide and therefore untrustworthy, but it also prevents your insurer from helping you if you get hospitalised for your pre-existing condition.

Let us better understand this with an example:

Mr Sumit is going on a trip to a place that has a hot and humid climate. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure and has been taking medication for it for the last few years. However, when applying for travel insurance, he did not mention this because he did not consider it important.

On the trip, the heat and humidity made his pressure rise and he needed hospitalisation. However, when he filed a claim for insurance, it was denied due to lack of information.

This example immediately highlights the importance of including a full medical history including pre-existing conditions in your application process.

What qualifies you for insurance with a pre-existing medical condition?

Today, a lot of insurance plans offer coverage for pre-existing conditions too. Earlier it may have been harder to qualify since a pre-existing condition means a higher chance of hospitalisation. But that is no longer the case. Today it is easy to qualify for travel insurance as long as your condition is “stable”. What does being stable mean?

  • There has been no new diagnosis or prescribed treatment or medication
  • The frequency of treatment or medication remains the same
  • Reports show zero signs of further deterioration
  • No necessity for hospitalisation
  • You have not been referred to a new specialist

Conditions for what makes an illness “stable” differs depending on your policy provider. However, by and large, these are the parameters along which they judge your condition.

There is also a “lookback period”, which is the period between you registering for the policy and the day you made your claim. Unless this exceeds the time specified by the company, your claim gets rejected.

This brings us to the final question.

How much does it matter to have coverage for a pre-existing medical condition?

To understand this, let us return to Mr Sumit and his high blood pressure.

Let us assume, instead of forgetting, Mr Sumit intimated his insurers on time and followed all the procedures and protocols. Along with that, his current state meets all the parameters listed above about qualifying for travel insurance. His discretion made his insurers trust him and give him coverage for his trip.

Now, let us say he faced the same problems on the trip and needed hospitalisation. This time, when he files his insurance claim, the company covers his treatment cost completely.

Thus, it suffices to say, buying coverage for pre-existing medical conditions is completely worth it. It is only through intimation about these conditions that your insurer can choose the best insurance plan for you!

At Cover 360, we provide 24/7 insurance consultancy services so you find the best insurance for you. Our experts know exactly what all the latest plans are and, with a full medical history about you, we choose the perfect plan for your needs! With our help, you get the best possible travel insurance deals and full coverage for any pre-existing conditions you may have!

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