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The amount of pleasure that comes while planning a vacation, packing for a business trip, or the sheer joy of booking tickets to visit family and friends can’t be put into words. But most often, the travel checklist foregoes one pertinent aspect: Insurance. Travel insurance can potentially safeguard your trip and your lock and load your excitement and safety pre-arrivals and post-departures. Travelling to your favourite vacation spot may be power-packed with excitement and surprises. However, a wave of uncertainty has been surrounding us in the post COVID world! Travel insurance is your safety net to a stress-free rendezvous no matter where you book your tickets!

This pandemic has taught us the need to stay safe and focus on health, both mental and physical. Prioritising your health and safeguarding your trip comes with many benefits. COVID Travel insurance is a necessity more than a more add-on. While some plans help recover prepaid expenses in the event of trip postponement or cancellation, the others also give perks to students travelling abroad for educational purposes. These unpredictable times call for precautionary shifts in our daily routines and overall lifestyles alike.

Health is wealth. Remember? Costs incurred while safeguarding your trip with a travel insurance plan during COVID-19 are insignificant compared to medical expenses that would go into treatment in the event of contraction of the disease. It’s simple math. Prepping for unforeseen situations and planning well in advance averses your risk bearing the brunt later.

According to an article in the Economic Times, percentage of informed travellers opting for COVID trip insurance has significantly risen to over 40% while flight booking is still dwelling at a 30% pre-pandemic rate. To break it down and help you make a smart call, here are a few factors why securing the health of yourself and your loved ones through travel insurance is crucial:

  • Travel insurance helps mitigate the unforeseen forces of COVID-19
    Given the highly contagious nature of coronavirus, the risk is all that dwells upon us. Basic gestures like frequent washing of hands and covering our faces with face gear are mandatory. The most effective precautionary measure, however, remains with the introduction of a vaccine. While R&D and the antidotes’ production are still underway, these precautions are far from long to materialise. A simple add-on of Corona times travel insurance to your travel checklist is far more effective than the void of it. Precaution being better than cure is the watchword of our times!
  • Air travel can still be unpredictable
    One of the world’s most competitive markets, Airlines, are at the highest risk of transmission. With tight transportation schedules to abide and passengers travelling from different parts of the world, countries, regions, and cities, a safety net during air-travel is exceptionally favourable. With sometimes less than safe distancing while boarding or during seating, maintaining the legitimate social distancing can be cumbersome. Given the current times, staffing at the airports is also limited, leading to operational inefficiencies or mishaps. Taking avid care of your luggage is also a substantial cause to invest in travel insurance. Travel insurance in COVID times will provide you the necessary protection here.
  • The possibility of facing a lockdown amid travel
    There’s a rule that accountants use to maintain best practices at work: “Account for foreseeable losses, not gains.” With lockdown and restrictions taking place across the globe, it isn’t far from impossible that you might have to spend some days in the waiting line for your next flight out. Corona travel insurance can help you pay for extra expenses that may incur given the possibility of getting stuck in a foreign country. Forbearing these assumptions and scenarios, it’s time to reconsider how valuable the addition of trip insurance can be for your next trip plan.
    While there are ample reasons why you should get yourself insured while travelling, Cover 360 lists below the added perks of hand-picking and purchasing travel insurance in COVID times on the platform:
    • Deals with unseen situations
      Travelling includes an enormous number of transportation checkpoints. Any undesirable postponements and diversions that may happen because of flight deferrals and cancellations or other such burdens are arranged if you have a back-up plan in place. If there should be an expansion of your outing, insurance companies having tie-ups will enormously help make sure about a decent arrangement on tickets.
    • Simple documentation and extensive coverage
      Insurance offices give a full verification plan whereby your reports and resources are shielded from misfortune and robbery. If your things or document, for example, identification and so on get taken, you get the remuneration from the movement insurance agency. You are saved from all the documentation identified with such methods. Your movement protection supplier does all the documentation.
    • Convenience and medical help
      Most COVID travel protection plans have tie-ups with lodgings and clinics to encourage a practical going encounter to the clients. With this, you make sure of sustenance amid health-related crises and if you need to increase support for a more drawn out period.
    • You are home even when you are not
      If any issues or mishaps may happen in your home in your non-appearance, you get the remuneration. This probably won’t frame the premise of travelling, yet it is a worry for most explorers. Travel Insurance frequently accompanies a bundle, which assists you with making sure about monetary needs at home while you are away. If there should arise an occurrence of any issues or mishaps that may happen in your home in case your non-appearance, you get the remuneration.
    Mishaps may happen to the best of us. While we’re all safe (until we’re not) taking the precautionary route on your next step will help you reduce travel-related anxiousness during these challenging times.Cover 360 offers COVID travel insurance and schemes from the top-travel insurers across the country. With the ease of choosing, comparing, and buying online, all your travel needs are sure to be met at Cover 360! Until then, Bon Voyage and don’t forget to wear your mask (more importantly above your nose!).

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