Will We Need To Get Another Vaccine Because Of The Delta Variant?

The new cases of coronavirus are declining. We can feel some hope or at least have cautious optimism that the pandemic could recede to the background. Experts fear that there is still a concern that new mutations of the various could bring it back and it might be even stronger. Medical scientists are taking it seriously given the dreadful spread of the new strain of coronavirus in India. Also, we should take it seriously too and follow the coronavirus guidelines such as staying home, getting vaccinated and using sanitizer. Vaccination along with safety measures can only empower us to fight the new COVID-19 vacant i.e. Delta Plus coronavirus variant.

Delta Variant of Coronavirus

Delta is a major concern right now. The name for the B.1.617.2, this new variant is a highly contagious SARS-CoV-2 virus strain that was responsible for bringing out havoc during the second wave in India. What we know so far is that people who are fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 seem to have a shield against the Delta variant. In contrast, an individual who is unvaccinated and not practicing preventive measures is at a higher risk for infection by the Delta variant.

According to the World Health Organization –

  1. Delta is a more transmissible variant of COVID-19.
  2. It is resistant to antibodies in our blood.
  3. Get vaccines as soon as it’s your turn.
  4. Vaccination safeguards against hospitalization, severe disease and death from the Delta variant.

With the delta variant of the COVID-19 is a prime cause of new COVID-19 cases in the country, some people are concerned about vaccine effectiveness against it.

The most common questions prevailing amongst us are:

  1. Will we need to get another vaccine because of the delta variant?
  2. How well does vaccination protect us from the Delta variant?

How Well Does Vaccination Protect Us From The Delta Variant?

We are right now using Covishield of Serum Institute of India, Covaxin of Bharat Biotech and Sputnik V vaccine of RDIF, Russia. The good news is that all these vaccines available for emergencies have the potential to protect us against contracting severe disease, hospitalization and death due to the Delta variant.

The mutation of Delta variant, Delta Plus in India is not yet a variant of concern.  While there is data emerging about the degree to which different vaccines protect against infection, coronavirus vaccines available in India are all highly effective at protecting against the Delta COVID variant.

According to the chief of the Centre’s Covid-19 working group, Dr. NK Arora, all the vaccines being administered in the country are effective against the Delta variant of coronavirus. He has said baked on the studies conducted by ICMR.


  • People who have got fully vaccinated are much less likely to end up in hospital.
  • All COVID-19 vaccines approved by WHO are more than 90% effective in severe disease prevention.
  • Full vaccination offers the best protection

Several pieces of evidence from countries where the Delta variant predominates unveil that the full course of vaccination – two doses in most cases – is needed to ensure the utmost protection against the new variant. Dr. Swaminathan from WHO underlines the importance of vaccination. She says the vaccine protects you from being severely ill due to the Delta variant as well as previous strains. She has also clarified that the vaccine helps prevent you from passing it on to others.

Will People Need to Get Another Vaccine Because of the Delta Variant?

Since the Delta variant is emerging as a new reason for concerns, many pharmaceuticals and countries are thinking about an additional shot of vaccine after complete vaccination. However, the WHO has neither confirmed nor dismissed the requirement of a booster shot after the coronavirus vaccination owing to the unavailability of enough information. 

UK Study – A country like the United Kingdom has begun a nationwide study to unscrew whether a third shot of the same vaccine will offer wider coverage to people who have already got the two shots of the COVID-19 vaccine. Chances of reinfections are very less, but breakthrough infections have taken place all over the world.

Sputnik V Booster Shot – The Russian Direct Investment Fund, which marketed Sputnik V (Sputnik V is being used in India) is ready to offer a booster shot. According to them, the booster shot will have the potential to work against the Delta variant of COVID-19. This is because Sputnik V is more effective and powerful to fight against the Delta variant.

What is a Booster Shot?

You might be aware that every present coronavirus vaccine comprises two doses. When it comes to the effects of these vaccines for the long term, it is not clear how long their effects will stay. That’s why many countries are thinking of an annual shot.

Possibility of a Third Wave in India

India is not out of the second wave yet. The third wave depends on how seriously every citizen in the country is taking it. We ourselves can control and delay the future wave if most of us get vaccinated and effectively follow COVID-appropriate behaviour. Vaccines are crucial because they reduce the possibility of spreading the novel virus and decrease the risks of severe disease. 

So, instead of worrying about another vaccine or booster shot because of the Delta variant, we must focus to follow the coronavirus appropriate behavour – getting vaccinated as soon as possible, staying at home, wearing masks, washing hands and using sanitizer.

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