Need for Health Insurance for Hypertension Patients and Its Claim Procedure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a chronic disease that is increasingly becoming more prominent in adults today. Its major cause is the fast-paced, stress-driven lifestyle people lead these days.

What are these lifestyle causes?

There are several areas of your life, which cause hypertension:

– Your weight: Being overweight is a leading cause of hypertension. Managing your weight is crucial.

– Fast food: With everything around us moving so fast, finding time for a good meal is hard and that is perfectly understandable. However, eating too much oily or fatty food can cause hypertension.

– Sodium intake: The link between sodium levels and blood pressure is well known. Consuming items high in sodium is a sure-fire way of getting hypertension.

– Lack of exercise: Of course, finding time for exercise is easier said than done. However, not exercising prevents faster blood flow and therefore results in hypertension.

These reasons mean you should constantly monitor your blood pressure, ensuring it is in the normal range. Hypertension usually does not present any symptoms which means people only realize they have it when they go for a routine check-up or something similar.

But first, let’s talk about what hypertension is.

What is hypertension?

Hypertension, as previously said, is having higher than normal blood pressure. The normal blood pressure of a human being is 120 over 80 mm of Mercury. However, in hypertension patients, this increases drastically to 130 over 80 or even higher than that!

While those lifestyle factors stated above cause hypertension directly, the underlying cause for all of them is stress. Whether it is in your personal or professional life, having stressors all around you raise your blood pressure. Even if you are doing everything you are supposed to, hypertension may still arise.

Therefore, there is no actual way of preventing hypertension.

The Kinds of Hypertension

There are two major kinds of hypertension:

Primary hypertension: This form of hypertension affects your blood plasma volume and the hormones which regulate blood volume and pressure. Stress and lack of physical activity can also affect primary hypertension.

Secondary hypertension: This is a result of conditions such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, obesity, pregnancy etc.

How Hypertension Affects You

– It causes arteriosclerosis in which the walls of blood vessels lose their elasticity, which causes them to rupture under constant pressure. This situation is potentially fatal.

– It puts you at risk for a brain hemorrhage also known as a stroke. Higher BP weakens the small vessels in your brain, eventually rupturing them. This can also cause dementia.

– These elevated pressure levels also damage the small vessels in the kidneys, which affects your kidneys’ functioning and eventually can lead to kidney failure.

– If you are pregnant, hypertension can cause a low birth weight and the decreased growth of the baby. All these reasons mean managing hypertension is very important. And health insurance makes managing it much easier.

Why is it important to have health insurance for hypertension?

Going for multiple doctor’s visits and getting medical tests done can rake up hospital bills in unmanageable amounts. Especially with inflation making costs constantly rise, money is on everyone’s mind when it comes to health management.

With health insurance for hypertension, you get:

– A safeguard against those long hospitalization bills

– Coverage for OPD or day-care costs

– The space to focus on getting the best medical treatment after investing in insurance

How do you claim health insurance?

Claiming health insurance for hypertension is the same as claiming any other kind of insurance. However, when you are applying for your insurance, there are some things to keep in mind:

– Always invest as early as possible instead of waiting for tragedy to strike so that you are ready to face this tragedy when it strikes.

– Investing at the right time can allow you to cover the waiting period of 2-4 years before another incident of hospitalization arises.

– Choosing the perfect time to invest also lowers the premiums you have to pay.

Claiming is rather straightforward. Once you choose the plan you want which can be reimbursement-based or cashless – you are all set! Simply provide your bills to your insurer and get your money reimbursed or have them pay the hospital directly without you having to intervene at all!

Choosing the best insurance plan for you as a hypertension patient is crucial for the best medical experience. The number of plans out there as options can be intimidating, especially with all the technical terminology.

This is why Cover 360 is here for you! Our experts provide consultation services over email, text message and call 24/7! We stay up-to-date on all the latest hypertension insurance plans in the market and, based on your needs, give you the best options! 

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