How to Renewal Four Wheeler Insurance Policy Online During Pandemic Period?


At a time when we have barely put behind the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, experts have sounded alert for the third wave.  The second wave of Covid-19 is not yet over. Now while staying at home is the need of hours, it has created some degree of panic among people about the normal functioning of daily activities. One such concern among car’s owners is about renewing their four wheeler insurance policy even though vehicles are not normally running on roads due to the movement restrictions imposed by the government. And of course, movement restriction is the need of the day.

Let’s go through this article and uncover how you can renew your car insurance policy.

How to Renew Four Wheeler Insurance Policy Online During Pandemic Period?

This is one of the most buzzing questions. Do not worry if your car insurance renewal is heading towards the expiry date. You can renew it instantly by following just a few steps on an online insurance portal or the insurer’s website. First of all, search for a reliable insurance portal online, where anyone can buy or renew any type of insurance directly from this portal. One such example of an insurance portal is Cover360.  After you find an online website, follow these below general steps.

  1. Go to the ‘Renew Policy’ option instantly
  2. Enter the registration number of your last year policy (If you are renewing the policy from where you bought the policy last year, then no need to enter register mobile number)
  3. Proceed by entering the OTP sent to the registered mobile number
  4. Fill the section whether you have made any claim during the last policy period. This will allow the portal to show you quote considering the applicable NCB.
  5. Select the policy and make the payment.

Thus, you have successfully renewed your policy online during the pandemic period. It is advisable to renew your policy from the same insurance company if you have comprehensive car insurance. In case if a third-party plan, you can either renew it at the same insurer or buy a new policy of a different insurer. The premium of a third party insurance policy at all the insurers is the same as this type of policy is directly regulated by the IRDIA.

Should I Renew My Car Insurance During Coronavirus?

If your car insurance policy is due for renewal, then it is good to renew it before the due date to enjoy all the benefits under the policy. This is important because according to the Indian Traffic Rule, at least a third party motor insurance policy for a four wheeler or two wheeler vehicle is mandatory for all the owners in the country.  Under the rule, driving a vehicle without a third party insurance attracts a fine of Rs2,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months for the first time offence.

What to Do Before Renewing Four Wheeler Insurance?

Before renewing your motor insurance, these things in mind:

  • Renew Online and On Time: Note that your motor insurance needs to be renewed before the due date. If the insurance expires before you renew it, you will not be offered compensation in case of a mishap. In addition, the No Claim Bonus that you have accumulated for not filing any claim during the policy year will be lost. Since online options are available even during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can safeguard yourself by avoiding any risks involved in getting the renewal done physically either with the help of an agent or at your insurer office.
  • Check Terms and Conditions: The insurance company may make changes to your policy over a year. It is advisable to check their terms and conditions to make sure your policy is still suitable for your needs and requirements.
  • Compare Car Insurance Policies: Comparing four wheeler insurance policies before choosing one is important. It helps you grab the best deals and offers. Compare the quotes you are getting from several insurers and their network of cashless garages with the help of an online insurance portal. In porting your policy from one insurer to another, you will not lose your NCB benefits.
  • Premium Discounts: Install anti-theft devices to your four wheeler to enjoy discounts. Ensure that you should install it before renewal of the policy to be eligible for lower premium rates.

To conclude, renewing your four wheeler insurance policy is easy and hassle-free during the COVID-19 pandemic. You just need to search for a trusted online insurance portal and follow all the instructions given there. Online is the best way to get your work done without being exposed to the deadly coronavirus. Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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