How to Choose the Right International Travel Insurance Company?

Everyone loves travelling be it to the beach, mountains, or the historic destination. With awareness related to the security and benefits of travel insurance plans, travellers don’t want to give travel insurance a miss but are showing interest in availing of its benefits.  If you are also the one who loves travelling more than anything else you should always be insured. Remember choosing a travel place can be interesting and sometimes even exhausting but being protected is always good.  Get yourself a travel insurance policy too. If you start googling now, you’ll see a bunch of travel insurance. You must look for the most trusted and reputable travel insurance company to buy your travel insurance. Here’s how to choose the right international travel insurance company.

Understand Your Requirements:

The very first step to finding the right travel insurance company is to understand your requirements. Identifying your needs and requirements will make sure you will not pay for what you don’t require. You can decide this on primarily two factors, the destination and the nature of your trip. For example,

  • First, if you are travelling to Canada or the USA, you should look for an international travel insurance company that can offer comprehensive travel medical insurance. This is important because the health treatment costs in these countries are very high.
  • Secondly, understand the predefined limits for coverage. Don’t think that the sum insured is the only limiting factor to claim settlements.


When you look for a travel insurance company, look at how flexible its insurance policy is. Make sure the insurance provider is flexible in handling your concern. Do they provide customized insurance? Will they tailor their plan according to your requirements? Are they ready to help you at your convenience? Before choosing a company, completely understand the kind of travel insurance that is being offered by the insurance company. Read their policy documents and get an idea about inclusions and exclusions.

Destinations Covered

Another criterion that you need to take into consideration is the destination covered. Not every international travel insurance company offers coverage for all kinds of destinations. The policy generally includes destinations that they have on their list. Understanding this will enable you to narrow down your travel itinerary.

For instance, if you have taken an insurance policy that covers destinations in Canada, and you decide to visit the USA during your trip, then your insurance policy gives a claim arising at the other destination.  In that case, you will be bound to pay extra to extend your coverage.

Google online and Compare Different Companies

We understand it is not so easy to find the best travel insurance company. However, the internet is flooded. Remember, to google online to find the best international travel insurance international company.  Try using different keywords, sentence formations, and even auto-suggested terms to find the best results. Compare different insurers based on policy coverage and premium costs. Read some of the best expert reviews to shortlist travel insurance companies online.

Consult your loved ones

If you have a list of people who have visited outside the country, take their advice. Ask them which travel insurance they prefer and how it helped them. Dig out the best possible options and the coverage they offer. Your loved ones will not only tell you the cheapest travel insurance policies but also they will guide you about how you can carefully check out of the country without any trouble.

Limits On the Duration

When shop travel insurance for international tips, it is important to know if any limits have been placed by the insurer on the duration of the policy. The best international travel insurance company is one that offers insurance with no limits on the duration of the trip for coverage. If you want to buy a policy that can offer extensive coverage, choose one that does not exercise limitations on the number of days that you would be covered.

Look for the known names

Well, the insurance industry today is huge. So, if you are wise enough you should try looking for the known names in the industry. Max Bupa, SBI, HDFC, Manipal, IffcoTokio, Tata AIG, Reliance General.  There are many other companies too. These companies offer travel insurance at an affordable rate and that too with multiple benefits.

So, why think twice? Consult one of the known companies and understand the coverage they offer. Do look at the cost of insurance, customer reviews, your needs, pre-existing medical conditions, coverage and claim limits, the policy for your belongings, theft policy, missed flight policy and so on. Once you are sure of the company you want to go ahead with, talk to their representative or simply buy insurance online.

Lastly, make sure the insurance you are purchasing covers all your needs and safeguards your trip. Compare, explore, and get optional covers to fulfill your needs.

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