How Does Relocation Impact Your Bike Insurance Premium?

Bike insurance is not a choice, but a necessity. This is because a two-wheeler insurance policy not just provides maximum coverage and prevents you from spending on heavy repair costs, but bike insurance also comes with affordable premium rates if selected wisely. Moreover, a bike insurance policy will help you by protecting your two-wheeler if it is damaged due to a natural disaster or other circumstances that are out of your control. These circumstances can be the damage caused to your vehicle due to traffic, fire, theft, robbing, riots, terrorism, etc.

Don’t be surprised that there are many factors that affect the premium costs of your bike insurance? Among these factors is ‘relocation.’ Precisely speaking, relocation has the potential to change the insurance premium costs of your bike, depending on the change in the level of risk. The premium is subject to increase or decrease depending on your new location.

Let’s uncover some relocation-based factors that affect your bike insurance premium.

Changes in Distance to Cover

Change in the distance you cover daily can increase the premium costs. The distance you cover daily by travelling on your bike determines the costs of your bike insurance premium. If you cover a longer distance daily from your office to home, the premium amount of your bike will be higher than the costs you will have to pay by travelling a shorter distance daily. This is because an increased time on the road makes you more vulnerable to accidents. Moving to a place near your workplace will lead to reducing the cost of your bike insurance premium.


One of the factors that determine the risk level you put yourself in is the traffic patterns of the location you ridea bike often. The level of vehicles and intersections that ply on the road decides the level of traffic. More traffic means you pose a greater life risk by getting into accidents. That’s why relocating to a highly populated and urban area can increase your bike insurance premium. On the other hand, moving to a location with minimal traffic can decrease the insurance premium rates of your two-wheeler.

The Risk of Bike Theft

If there is a higher frequency of bike theft claims at your place, the bike insurance company may increase the cost of your bike insurance premium. But if you have any security modifications or features installed in your two-wheeler, you are more likely to get a discount on your bike insurance costs.

Insurance Regulation

Regulation of bike insurance needs to be done at a grand level. This means that each insurer must ensure to have its rates approved by the regulatory body of the states it serves.

How To Get An Affordable Bike Insurance Premium?

The following are a few easy steps that you can embrace to reduce the cost of your bike insurance premium-

  • Install security modifications or features in your bike, such as an alarm, anti-theft security rope, etc.
  • Security features reduce the premium cost as insurers will perceive it to be a tool to reduce the risk for the theft of your bike.
  • Install security lights around your driveway in order to park your bike safely. This reduces the risk of parking damages.
  • If you travel a long distance to your workplace or elsewhere, better use public transport. This prevents you from meeting an accident and encourages a claim-free year.
  • You can also enjoy a No Claim Bonus by not claiming your insurance for minor damage or scratches.


A bike insurance policy is the most reliable mode to save you on expensive repair costs and live a financially secure life. It is important to update your bike insurance company about any change in your residential address to keep yourself covered with a plan that adequately suits your needs. If you fail to inform the insurer about your relocation, it will lead to the rejection of the claim.

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