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 In today’s world, we as an individual, family and property are exposed to various kinds of risks which may include disability or destruction. In such a scenario, it is important for us to be prepared for these losses coming our way. With the increase of risks coming our way there is a room created for financial disbalance and therefore we must be prepared for it beforehand.

We are a business of caring!

Insurance is the safest way to attain the coverage of these losses occurred through an insurance company which can accumulate funds and protect these unwanted events of happening or cause of loss through various compensation.

If you are still confused about what do we mean by an insurance and how does it work? Let us resolve this for you!

Insurance is an authorized covenant between two parties which includes the insurer (insurance company) and the insured (individual), where the insurer promises to compensate the losses of the insured on the event of contingent possibility.

A legal contract is signed between the insurer and the insured which is called the insurance policy. The insurance policy mentions the conditions and the circumstances based on which the insurance company pass out the insurance amount to the insured person or the nominee.

With Cover 360 protect yourself and your family from the upcoming financial loss.

We are a cushion to your fall, as under the shelter of an insurance you get various benefits.

Let’s discuss about the various importance and benefits of having an Insurance:

  • Financial coverage – cover 360 protects the insured against the unexpected loss with a nominal amount call premium.
  • Shared risk– Cover 360 acts a co-operative device and shares the risks among the insured thus reducing to the minimum through the distribution of risks with many insured members.
  • Boost Savings– As the amount of premium needs to be paid on time, it boosts the habit of saving for an individual.
  • Dependency is eliminated– Cover 360 protects against any uncertainties by providing adequate economic support
  • Offer loan– Cover 360 offers an insured with the facility of loan or the insured can meet the need against the security of an insurance policy
  • Inflation is reduced– the volume of money is reduced in the market when the insured pays money in the form of premium thus controlling the inflation in the country.

Cover 360 offers:

Health Insurance

Term Insurance

Travel Insurance

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We believe in ensuring every moment of life!

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