Can A Smoker Buy Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a shock absorber that gives you the security to run your life smoothly even when you find speed breakers en route. While taking health insurance coverage, there are specific criteria that affect your premium. Smoking is one of them. It is one of the prime factors against which the premium is calculated. 

Health insurance isn’t prohibited to smokers, but it has separate terms and conditions for covered insurance. The reasons for these alternate terms are various lifestyle diseases smokers are prone to. However, the plans and gains are all the same for smokers and non-smokers.

Yes, smokers can buy health insurance. 

If you are a smoker, you will just have to ensure a few below mentioned points if you want to make the best of your health insurance.

Disclose Relevant Information to Your Insurance Provider

Health insurance companies do cover smokers as this segment is significantly more in number. While getting health insurance, it is required to disclose relevant information to the insurer to pick the right plan for you. Let’s explore them:

While you sign up for health insurance coverage, insurers ask you typical questions like: 

  • Do you smoke?
  • How long have you been using tobacco?
  • Have you used tobacco/nicotine in the last six months?
  • How many cigarettes do you use in a day?
  • Have you suffered health conditions because of your smoking habit?

The insurer will also suggest medical tests to check if you meet the eligibility criteria. 

Insurance coverage is also based on the age, and sum assured.

It is requisite to keep updating the insurer on any lifestyle changes after taking premium too so that there are no problems during your claim settlement. 

Update your lifestyle changes like an increase in the number of cigarettes smoked or your deteriorating health.

Smokers Should Always Opt for Medical Check-Up

As a smoker, you should get your medical tests done when buying the policy itself to reduce disputes at the time of filing claims. Medical tests are mandatory to estimate the premiums coverage based on your health. The need to opt for a medical checkup is as follows:

  • Your insurance coverage is determined by the seriousness of pre-existing lifestyle diseases like Type II diabetes, heart diseases, and hypertension.
  • Smokers who have Type II Diabetes cannot buy a health insurance policy.
  • Smokers who smoke 10 to 20 cigarettes a day cannot avail health insurance. 
  • If you are a smoker or have given up smoking, you should still disclose it to the insurer before taking a call. An honest discussion before taking the insurance will avoid a lot of consequences in future.

Keep Your Insurer Informed About Your Smoking Habits

If you are a newbie buying health insurance, inform your smoking habits and regularity to the insurer beforehand. 

Let us check out why it is essential to inform your insurer about your smoking habits:

  • Reporting everything about your health beforehand will help you get the right policy to shield you in case of hospitalization.
  • Not revealing that you are a smoker will result in annulment of claims, especially in case the treatment is related to illnesses related to smoking or nicotine substances.
  • Taking a blood test can help your insurer determine the nicotine levels in your blood. 
  • You could have been a non-smoker when you filled out the form and started smoking over the years, it is imperative to keep your insurer informed because you could be charged with fraud in the future, or the insurer will annul the policy.
  • If proved guilty later, the insurance company will still consider your claim as insurance fraud. 

How Much is the Health Insurance Premium for Smokers?

Your smoking habit can influence your insurance premium due to the associated health risks. 

Let’s explore more on the factors affecting your health insurance premium and what to expect.

  • The charge of health insurance for smokers is higher by Rs 2000-3000 compared to non-smokers.
  • The higher premium is because smokers are more prone to heart disease, lung infections, cancer, chronic bronchitis, stroke, etc. 
  • The insurance premium for smokers compared to non-smokers relies on your insurance partner. 
  • Most insurers do not charge a higher premium unless you have health complications before taking the insurance. 
  • Read the premium plan and conditions laid by your insurer before getting a health insurance plan.

If you are generally fit with no pre-existing illness but smoke a few cigarettes a day, you don’t have to worry at all about getting health insurance. Additionally, any health complications that occur in later stages are entirely covered in the health insurance plan. The higher premium and waiting period are worth it, as hospital bills can cost a fortune compared to the meagre increase in the premium amount.

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