5 Popular Free Online Tools to Find Vaccine Centers With Available Slots

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India is witnessing a huge surge in COVID-19 positive cases. Cases have crossed 4 lakh marks. However, the vaccine drive for individuals from 18+year old is a great relief.  The government has officially launched phase III of the country’s largest vaccination drive. Thus, individuals from 18 to 44 years old can get themselves vaccinated.

Both central and state governments are ramping up the efforts to ensure the maximum number of citizens are given coronavirus vaccines at the earliest. Independent researchers and tech giants have coming up with solutions to handle the shortage in vaccine supply. They are helping people find a vaccine centre with available vaccine slots. Below are the top platforms where you can get the COVID-19 vaccine centre around your area.

But remember, these are third-party tools and they can only help you find a vaccine centre with available slots. To book an appointment, you need to register on CoWIN portal. To log in, you need to be 18 years of age or old. Check out the CoWIN Android app and website. Or you can check the integrated service within the AarogyaSetu application.

Vaccinate Me:

VaccinateMe is run by the fitness app, HealthifyMe. It is another platform to know about the available slots.

  • Just enter the district’s name or pin code to find centres with available slots
  • This tool will notify you through SMS, email, or WhatsApp when a slot opens up.
  • Use filters like the name of the vaccine, age to search for vaccine slots

Paytm Vaccine Finder:

Paytm, a digital payment platform has launched ‘COVID-19 Vaccine Finder.’ It is an integrated platform to assist citizens in checking the availability of vaccination slots via its inbuilt Mini App store. In order to find the COVID-19 vaccine slots through Paytm:

  • Open the app
  • Go to Mini App Store. It’s available at the bottom
  • Look for the Vaccine Finder option
  • Enter your pin code/ district
  • Select between 18+ and 45+ age groups
  • If you see unavailability, click on the ‘notify me when slots are available.’

This option will help you get real-time alerts of available slots in your area.


Getjab.in is another attractive online tool to get notification about available slots through an email when there’s an availability of a COVID-19 vaccine slot. Run by ISB alumni Shyam Sunder and colleague, Getjab.in requires information as your name, location, email and optional phone number. The website claims not to share your data with anyone. Whenever slots open up for 18 – 45 age groups,  the app will notify you.

WhatsAppMyGov Corona Helpdesk:

WhatsAppMyGov Corona Helpdesk is a government chat platform. It helps you find COVID-19 vaccine centres with availability around you. Launched in March 2020, this platform provides users with an easy way to find a vaccine centre (and availability). Just feed the number 9013-1515-15 on your Android or iOS mobile phone.

  • Now, use the Chabot via WhatsApp Desktop
  • Or you can use Web by clicking on the link: wa.me/919013151515.
  • Once the MyGov Corona Helpdesk Chabot is launched, you need to send ‘or ‘hello.’
  • After a moment, you will receive an automated response to select an option for your COVID-related information
  • You are free to chat with the Chabot in Hindi.
  • Start chatting by sending the text Hindi.


As stated earlier, no matter what sites or apps or you tend to use, the CoWIN portal and app is the single portal for booking the COVID-19 vaccine slot. The CoWIN website provides the most traditional way to know the availability of slots. Just enter the different codes and know the nearest COVID-19centres with available slots. It is important to learn that the vaccine, whichever you take, does not make you immune from the virus. But it lowers the severity of its effects.

ID proofs You Can Use

These are the 5 popular online tools to find the nearest vaccine centre with available slots. When registering, you need to submit any of these iD proves, Aadhaar Card, driving license, PAN card, Passport, Pension Passbook, NPR Smart Card, Voter ID Card (EPIC), Health Insurance Smart Card issued under the scheme of the Ministry of Labor, MGNREGA old Car, Official identity cards issued to MPs/MLAs/MLCs, Passbooks issued by Bank/Post Office, Service Identity Card issued to employees by State/Central Government or Public Limited Companies.

It is also important to learn that no one can guarantee that you will not contract coronavirus. It is therefore essential to have COVID-19 health insurance. Such insurance will help you get treatment costs from your insurance company without having to worry about your finance as you will not need to pay anything to hospitals.

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