4 Popular Health Insurance with 1 CroreSum Insured – Why You Should Buy One


In this day and age, Health Insurance is no less than a necessity, especially when we are being infected with deadly coronavirus and an exponential increase in other life-threatening diseases. To safeguard you and your family, it is crucial to buy health insurance with a high sum insured. A health policy with 1 crore of sum insured will ensure financial assistance during medical emergencies. However, choosing the most appropriate plan is the need of the hour.

Find below a list of the top 4 health insurance policies with 1 crore sum insured option.

Activ Health Platinum Plan- Enhanced

Activ Health Platinum Plan- Enhanced by Aditya Birla provides coverage for all medical expenses arising due to treatment and hospitalization.

1Minimum Age Entry91 Days
2Policy Term1,2 or 3 Years
3Maximum Sum Insured2 Crore

However, it is important to note that you can only avail of the sum insured with Platinum Variant.

Benefits of Activ Health Platinum Plan- Enhanced

  • Extensive Coverage – The policy offers extensive coverage such as cover for room charges, nursing expenses and ICU charges, surgeon’s fee,  anaesthesia, doctor’s fee, blood, operation theatre charges, oxygen, etc.
  • Pre and post-hospitalization expenses for up to 30 and 60 days respectively are also covered under the plan.
  • Expenses for a domestic road ambulance during hospitalization are also covered.
  • You can also avail of the tax benefits on the premiums paid under the Income Tax Act 1961.

Max Bupa Health Premia

Max Bupa Health Premia is a comprehensive policy, designed to keep up with your family’s lifestyle. It provides an appropriate cover of up to 3 crore to meet the needs of your family healthcare.

1Minimum Age Entry91 Days
2Policy Term1 or 2 Years
3Maximum Sum Insured3 Crore

Benefits of Max Bupa Health Premia

  • Inpatient hospitalization – Coverage for medical treatment post hospitalisation
  • Pre and post hospitalisation –  Coverage available for pre and post hospitalisation for 90 days and 180 days respectively  
  • Maternity benefits-Maternity benefits are available for up to two deliveries but only when you and your spouse have been covered under the policy for two continuous years.
  • Organ donor & OPD – Option of living organ donor transplant and cover for diagnostic services and OPD.
  • Emergency Assistance -Cover for medical evaluation, repatriation, referral, etc. when the policyholder is travelling in India.

Bharti Axa Smart Super Health Insurance

Bharti AXA Smart Super Health policy is a flexible product, designed to offer customers’ relief from increasing healthcare costs and cover their varied needs. The policy covers up to five family members, including the policyholder.

1Minimum Age Entry91 Days
2Policy Term1,2 or 3 Years
3Maximum Sum Insured1 Crore

Benefits of This Policy

  • OPD Cover -Cover available for the plan variant depending on which you can avail cover for outpatient emergency treatment, outpatient dental treatment and convalescence benefit are covered
  • Inpatient hospitalization -Expenses related to in-patient hospitalisation
  • Pre and post hospitalisation – Pre-hospitalisation of 60 days 9o days post-hospitalisation expenses for 90 days.
  • Maternity Benefit -Coverage for the expenses for the delivery of a baby and/or expenses related to medically recommended lawful termination of pregnancy, limited to a maximum of two deliveries or terminations.
  • Organ donor & daycare – Expenses related to an organ donor, daycare treatments and alternative treatments are covered

Care Health Insurance Plan

A unique health insurance plan, Care Health Insurance is an optimum health coverage at the most reasonable prices. It also covers you and your family against financial risks due to an emergency medical.

1Minimum Age Entry91 Days
2Policy Term1,2 or 3 Years
3Maximum Sum Insured6 Crore

Benefits of This Policy

  • Daycare treatment: This policy covers all the daycare treatment.
  • All daycare procedures: This policy is offered In-patient care up to the sum insured amount
  • Pre and Post hospitalisation:  In the policy Pre and post hospitalisation are provided for 30 and 60 days respectively
  • Global Coverage: Cover available on a cashless basis across listed network hospitals
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation:  Coverage for the domiciliary hospitalisation is insured for a limit of 10% of the sum insured

Should You Buy 1 Crore Health Insurance?

To answer this question, you should never ignore the amount of cover as per your family size and requirements. If you do, you may end up with a financial crisis at the time of any uncertainty.

Say, for example, there is a family with a husband, wife and 2 children. The husband is the earning member. One of the members is diagnosed with a stroke. Therefore, they buy health insurance of 20 Rs 20 lakh. Since the treatment for stroke is extremely expensive, the amount of Rs 20 lakh is not enough. And the family faces financial turmoil. If they had purchased a plan with 1 crore sum insured, the condition would have been different.

In a nutshell, health insurance with a 1 crore sum insured is suitable if you have a history of critical illness, like cancer, stroke, and kidney failure. While the premium will be high, you will not face any problem at the time of a medical emergency.

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